ABBYY Recognition Server for Symantec DLP

24/7 control over image and text content to prevent data leaks.

Most types of data that have a high potential of data leaks – images and electronic files containing pictures – have always been difficult to monitor for organizations with moderate to high document flow, but not now for Symantec customers. The integration of ABBYY Recognition Server with Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solves this problem.

Top 3 integration benefits


A boost for Symantec’s DLP detection coverage through analysis of sensitive data recognized from images by Recognition Server.


No matter the original format, all proprietary data is safe from illegal sharing, theft, or misuse.


Higher protection against brand, financial, and other business risks.

What Symantec DLP does


Symantec DLP keeps track of sensitive data in electronic documents and image files, blocking any illegal transfer outside of the organization.


Symantec DLP detects confidential content that may have been accidentally exposed in data storage devices, servers, databases, email and ECM systems, web and cloud services – and reports it immediately.


Symantec DLP protects business-critical information on computers and laptops inside and outside corporate LAN.


Symantec DLP monitors mobile apps, cloud and web services, and emails sent to and from smartphones or tablets.

See how it addresses your organizational needs:

How it works

ABBYY Recognition Server expands the functionality of Symantec DLP, enabling it to analyze large volumes of information from graphic content such as scans, images, screenshots, photos, etc. for potential leaks during data transfers.

02a-symantec-scheme 02b-symantec-768 02c-symantec-320
  • 1

    Symantec DLP detects electronic files by type, separating images with text from text documents.

  • 2

    Recognized data arrives at Symantec DLP, which checks for sensitive content.

  • 3

    Detected images are routed to Recognition Server for text recognition.

  • 4

    For sensitive content, Symantec DLP analyzes internal-external migration routes and blocks unauthorized transfers.

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