Point and Capture

Add fast and accurate data input
to your mobile apps

ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK enables developers to add ‘instant’ text capture functionality to mobile apps. Payment data on invoices, personal information on ID cards as well as codes printed on daily goods for consumer contests, text on street signs or warning plates can be immediately captured and used in the mobile app - the user only needs to focus the camera at the text.

This ‘point and capture’ approach – text capture directly from the smartphone’s preview screen - offers a completely new user experience!

Superior User Experience Thanks to Real-Time Recognition

See instant text extraction in action.

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Why ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK?

Fast Text Input

Extracting text directly from the smartphone’s preview screen is significantly faster and more convenient than taking a picture of the text followed by an OCR step or entering the text manually.

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Improved Business Performance

Real-time text capture from documents such as invoices, waybills, sick notes or letters can be quickly implemented into existing corporate apps in banks, transport companies, insurances and other organisations.

Suitable for High Security Requirements

As the text does not need to be photographed, saved in the memory storage, uploaded to cloud services or external servers, this modern way of information capture is suitable for organisations with the highest data security requirements.

Outstanding Recognition Accuracy

ABBYY’s proven OCR technology, combined with ABBYY’s new intelligent algorithms for text recognition from video streams, ensures superior text recognition quality within apps for both businesses and consumers.

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