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Since its foundation in 1989, ABBYY has continuously been working on developing innovative optical character recognition (OCR), data and document capture technologies. Establishing relationship with ABBYY is the best way to win more customers, add revenue to your existing business and take advantage of the long-term experience of the global technology leader.

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Distribute ABBYY Retail Products

Focus on consumer-oriented products from ABBYY such as ABBYY FineReader Professional/Corporate, buy them from ABBYY in large quantities and sell to smaller resellers or end-users.


Sell ABBYY Solutions

Deliver ABBYY technological products such as ABBYY FlexiCapture and ABBYY Recognition Server, with other services and products to create value-added solutions to address channels’ and end-users’ specific needs.



Enrich your own solutions with ABBYY recognition and capture technologies by using ABBYY SDK: ABBYY FineReader Engine, ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine, ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK for applications development.


Provide Business Services

Provide customers with a combination of technology, process and business domain expertise built around ABBYY technologies for a fee. This business relationship model is applicable for service bureaus.

Partner Program

Download this white paper to learn why capture is important in your AP automation initiative and how to implement a capture solution successfully.

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Partner Success Stories

Samsung Adapted ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine to Flagship Smartphone Galaxy S4

Fuji Xerox Implemented ABBYY FlexiCapture to Significantly Reduce the Costs on Document Processing

The Largest Malaysian Bank Safeguards Its Accounts Using ABBYY FineReader Engine and Positive Pay Methods

Nationwide project: ABBYY FlexiCapture helps Kuwait Transparency Society to measure fairness and accountability

Big Indonesian Airports Analyze Customers’ Needs with ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY Data Capture Technology Optimizes Loan Processing in Vietnam Foreign Trade Bank

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