ABBYY Translation and Localization Services

Products need to be available ASAP, but budgets are limited. We meet client expectations for quality, time, and cost with our unique high-tech approach to translation.

Ensure quality

Our translations undergo multiple stages of quality control. Translators, editors, proofreaders, industry experts, and our in-house quality assurance specialists all make sure that your message is delivered correctly.

Automatic quality assurance – built in to SmartCAT – minimizes the risk of human error, proactively alerting of over 20 types of potential issues: incorrect terms, mismatched or missing numbers, and more.

We offer multiple tiers of translation – from machine translation for instantly getting the gist of a text, to expert translation by experienced native speakers with multistage quality control – to fit all your needs.


Cost-savvy translations

We integrate your materials, previous translations, and terms into the translation process. If parts of the text are similar to what has been translated for you previously, you pay less, saving you one third or even more of the total cost.This has other benefits too: similar texts are translated consistently and file management is simplified.

Our pricing is transparent: no project management fees and no rush fees.

Better Customer Service

We save time for our clients. All files are stored centrally via a secure corporate account. No more shuffling of files by email, no more mass mailing of glossaries. Everyone has what they need to get their job done.

From your corporate account, you can view the current status and completion state in real time. You can get the full picture instantly, without needing to call or ask anyone.

Get translations effortlessly without spending time on file management. Our flexible and powerful API snaps in hassle-free to your company’s existing IT infrastructure. We receive your content directly from your CMS, translate it, and return it.


Rock-solid deadlines

Repetitive translation management tasks are fully automated

Multi-user collaboration offers another opportunity for getting translations done in a fraction of the time, without compromising on quality. Any number of translators, editors, and other participants can work on the same project at the same time with a single set of up-to-date glossary and translation memory assets.

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