What is the purpose of this application?

ABBYY Business Card Reader allows you to quickly and easily read data from business cards and save it to the Contacts of your iPhone or to the embedded CardHolder.

How to disable auto renewable subscription?

  1. You can manage subscriptions (disable or anable) by clicking on this link from your mobile device. 
  2. If something went wrong with the link above, you can do the following: 
    • On your iPhone or iPad open AppStore application. Select button Featured, scroll down and find button Apple ID: <appleID>.
    • Open Setting of Apple ID, select Subscriptions menu, tap Manage.
    • In the list of subscription select FineScanner Premium Account.
    • In this subscription switch auto-renewal slider to OFF position. You will be notified with alert confirming disabling of subscription.

How do I choose the languages?

Although ABBYY BCR understands 22 languages, you can make recognition better and faster by selecting the business card languages in the settings – no more than three.

How to improve the quality of the card photo?

Provide good lighting for the card, hold your cell phone steadily and don’t move it until the photo is taken. If there is a flare on the card photo, switch off the flashlight in photo settings.

Why are some letters highlighted in blue?

The letters are highlighted if they are likely to be recognized incorrectly. You can check the business card and correct the mistakes.

How do I save a business card photo in photoalbums?

You can turn on saving of business card photos to photoalbums in the program settings.

How do I search in social networks?

To find the card’s owner in social networks, click on the button with the logos of LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter under the name in the edit mode.

How do I find an address on a map?

You can find an address on maps by two ways:

1.  While you are editing a contact, click on the line Find address on maps

2.  While you are viewing a business card image in the Cardholder click on the button Maps and choose an appropriate address.

What can I do if I already have a contact with the same name?

ABBYY BCR itself will determine if the name on the business card corresponds to any contact in the Contacts, and if it does, it will offer to merge the data, rewrite or create a new contact.

How to find the required card in the CardHolder?

There are several ways to find the required card in the app. With use of the main search string in the top of the right sidebar you can find the required card by first name, last name, job title, company name as well as by note.  By selecting Dates ->Search by date sidebar point  you can find the required card by date of its creation. In the sidebar section Locations it is able to view cards by their geotags. Or try to sort the list of contacts in the Cardholder by first name, last name, company name, creation date.  

How to make a call or write a message when in the CardHolder?

To use the data from the Cardholder (for example, call, send an email or text message, find the address on the map or go to the web site), iPhone users can click on the buttons for each of these actions when viewing individual cards of contact.

How to select where to save the contact?

In the settings you can:

1.  Set the saving mode: to set default saving location or prompt to specify an individual saving location for each card; 

2.  Select saving location: the Cardholder, the Cardholder and the Iphone Contacts, the Cardholder and Salesforce Lead, the Cardholder, the Iphone Contacts and Salesforce lead.

How to export a card in the CardHolder to the iPhone Contacts?

To export a card to the iPhone Contacts, open it in the CardHolder, on the tabbar select button Share and select menu Export to iPhone Contacts. Or in the list of all cards you can swipe left on appropriate card, and repeat steps above.

How to save my cards separately from others in the Cardholder?

There is default group My cards in the Cardholder. You can choose this group, while you are creating a new contact or can move already existed contacts to this group.

How do I synchronize my business cards?

The app allows you to synchronize business cards stored on your iOS and Android BCR. Synchronization is carried out via the ABBYY cloud service. To enable synchronization, select  Synchronization - ABBYY Cloud and register using a valid e-mail address. If you have already registered with the service using another device, simply log in to your existing account — select Synchronization - ABBYY Cloud - Log in and enter the e-mail address and password that you use on another device.

Additional synchronization options

Once you log in, two new items will be added to the synchronization menu:
1. The Enable menu disables or enables synchronization on the current device. If you disable synchronization on a device, any business cards that you process on that device will not be available on your other iOS or Android devices.
2. The By cell phone menu enables or disables synchronization via your cell-phone network. If this option is disabled, business cards will only be synchronized over Wi-Fi. If this option is enabled, business cards will be synchronized both over Wi-Fi and over your cell-phone network, which may entail additional data transfer costs.

Why is backup needed?

With use of backup you can save cards from your Cardholder to PC and then restore them on your iPhone. It could be useful, when you change iPhone model, your iPhone was lost or broken.

How to backup my cards from the Carholder?

To backup cards from the cardholder do the following steps:

1.  Choose the section Backup in the settings. Press the Back up Contacts  button.

2.  Connect iPhone to PC and open iTunes.

3.  Select your iPhone in iTunes. Open the Programs page.

4.  Select ABBYY Business CardReader in the list of applications with common files.

5.  Copy the Abbyy_BCR.vcf file to any suitable folder on your PC.

How to restore my cards from the archive to the Cardholder?

To restore cards to the Caldholder do the following steps:

1.  Make sure that you have backuped file Abbyy_BCR.vcf.

2.  Connect iPhone to PC and open iTunes.

3.  Select your iPhone in iTunes. Open the Programs page.

4.  Select ABBYY Business CardReader in the list of applications with common files

5.  Copy the Abbyy_BCR.vcf in iTunes file to the ABBYY Business CardReader Documents window. If the file with the same name has been already existed, replace it.

6.  In the app’s settings select Restore section. Press Restore Contacts button.

Pay attention! During restoration all contacts in the Cardholder and in the ABBYY Cloud (synchronized one)  will be deleted and replaced by contacts from backup file.

What else can I do with backup file?

Backup file is stored in .vcf file extension. It is the common file extension to store contacts data. It is supported by many applications, including Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts. With use of these applications it is able to edit backup file, merge data from several files, etc.

What does Exchange cards via Wi-Fi mean?

Exchange via Wi-Fi allows you to quickly send a business card to colleagues, partners and other ABBYY Business Card Reader users within one Wi-Fi network. Exchange via Wi –Fi activation could be done during first entry to the ABBYY Business Card Reader and in the Settings.

Which business cards could be sent via Wi-Fi?

All business cards from your ABBYY Business Card Reader app could be sent via Wi-Fi.

How to send a card via Wi-Fi?

You can send business card via Wi-Fi by several ways:

1.  In the Export dialog choose Hand in a Business Card.  Select the recipient in the list of devices.

2.  In the card viewing mode swipe your finger up on the card image and select the recipient in the list of devices.

The list of card recipients via Wi- Fi doesn’t display

If you cannot find the desired device in the list, the owner should connect to your Wi-Fi network or install the ABBYY Business CardReader app.

Exchange via Wi-Fi doesn’t work

Make sure that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network. Check in the app settings that option «Exchange via Wi-fi» is activated.

How to change my device name for Exchange via Wi-Fi option?

In the app settings open Exchange via Wi-Fi section. Type the desirable device name in the field Wi-Fi Exchange name .

Where are received via Wi-Fi business cards stored?

While a new business card was receiving, the app proposed you to save or to view and save this card. By ordinary saving cards will be added to default Cardholder group “Inbox”. In the card preview mode (before saving) it is able to select the other group to save. 


If you have any other questions please email  support@abbyy.com.