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Finansbank Uses ABBYY FormReader for Automatic Input of Credit Card Application Forms

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"The principal thing we need from a form processing application is input accuracy. No input errors can be tolerated, as it's our clients' accounts that are at stake. ABBYY FormReader not only provided us with the best input accuracy there is, but it also provided us with a great increase in the speed of input."

Metin Ornek,

IT Project Manager, Finansbank (Turkey)

When a client wants to obtain a credit card from a bank, he has to complete an application form and to provide some additional documents like the photocopies of his passport or revenue certificate. The information from an application form should be entered into the bank's database together with the accompanying documents. At Finansbank, Credit Card & Store Card Application Form Processing employed 80 operators to process forms, and this personnel could handle only 1,000 forms per day. In 2000 the bank was expecting to reach 10,000 forms per day and thus it started to look for an effective form processing solution. 

The solution had to meet the following requirements: to be able to export into the bank's information system both data and the images of forms and appended documents, to include handprint support for the Turkish language, and finally, to be cost effective. 

Having analyzed and compared various OCR/ICR systems available on the market, Finansbank chose ABBYY FormReader as the only system completely meeting the project requirements. With the help of technical specialists from Cadet Computer and Electronic Systems Limited, a network solution based on three ABBYY FormReader licenses was installed and the workflow was organized as follows: 

This automated data input system has exceeded all expectations. It takes the system only 90 seconds to scan, recognize, verify, register and export four A4 pages together with 3 to 5 attachments. As a result, Finansbank have been able to reduce dramatically the number of operators from 80 to 10, while increasing the throughput from 1,000 to 10, 000 forms per day. 

In 2001 Finansbank was able to acquire four additional licenses without making any changes in the overall architecture of the input system, which proves that the system is highly and easily scalable.

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