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How FVTech Successfully processes 8 Million Medical Claims a Month Using ABBYY FineReader® Engine with FlexiCapture® Module and Artsyl’s ClaimAction

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Medical claims processing


ABBYY-Artsyl solution


Ability to process UB04 and NUCC forms, processing 8 million medical claim pages per month, identification rate for UB04s grew from zero to 85-90 percent

Customer Overview

Name FutureVision Technologies
Headquarters Salt Lake City , Utah
Products and Services ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK with FlexiCapture Module and Artsyl ClaimAction


”ABBYY tends to be more accurate. For clients that pay for better accuracy, it’s a better solution.”

Jose Dias,

Director of Engineering, FVTech

FVTech is One of the First to Successfully Capture UBO4 Forms

FVTech, based in Salt Lake City, is a Business Process Outsourcing provider, specializing in solutions for document imaging, digital conversion, and workflow management capabilities to its clients in the healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, mortgage, retail/distribution, and transportation industries.

One of FVTech’s primary focuses is in medical claims processing. When the company revamped its technology for this division, it called on FVTech’s Director of Engineering, Jose Dias to lead the charge.

As an 11-year technical veteran in the medical claims imaging and capture space, Dias knew exactly what he wanted in the new data capture solution. 

Support for UB04 with ABBYY-Artsyl Solution

“We were moving from a legacy system to our own proprietary platform,” said Dias. “Our previous system was limited in terms of new capabilities; UB04 forms were not supported and NUCC had marginal support. We looked to bring these and other capabilities to our new platform. We considered the amount of effort to build these templates from scratch but concluded it was better to license and leverage an existing technology,” he said.

The company had already been using ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK with FlexiCapture module for about two years in their proprietary platform. When FVTech needed a solution to automate identification of forms and data extraction for medical bills, they turned to their ABBYY Value-Added Reseller, Artsyl and its ClaimAction medical claims processing solution.

“I knew the identification and extraction problem was not a simple, trivial problem to solve,” said Dias. “Given our past experiences with Artsyl’s services and support and knowing what their engineering team was capable of, we were confi dent that Artsyl had the right solution.” 

FVTech Conducts Rigorous Testing

Before settling on the ABBYY-Artsyl solution however, Dias looked into several other existing technologies in the industry, but found they were restricted in one way or another. “As a BPO organization, we need to be very flexible,” said Dias. “We need to provide solutions to our clients without any push back, and we need the same flexibility from our vendors,” he said.

Dias and his group conducted rigorous regression testing with ClaimAction using existing test sets with known problems so that they could test the product against a baseline. “We evaluated the product and evaluated it against existing systems and found that the performance results were comparable to or exceeded the other solutions that were out there,” he said.

Dias worked directly with Artur Vassylyev, Artsyl Founder and Director of Engineering to modify the ABBYY-Artsyl solution to make sure it worked well within his system to ensure the automatic identification and data extraction of his company’s medical claims business. Dias said ABBYY tends to be more accurate,” he said. “For clients that pay for better accuracy, it’s a better solution.”

“It was easy to work with Jose, as he takes this project as very, very important so he was very good to work with,” said Artur Vassylyev, Artsyl Founder and Director of Engineering, who worked with FVTech. “Jose wanted deeper control of the overall system, so we worked with him to customize the solution to his specifications,” said Vassylyev. 

Full Production in Just Two Months

Using ABBYY FineReader Engine with FlexiCapture module as their runtime, and Artsyl ClaimAction as the definition, FVTech’s first client was in production within a few months. They’ve successfully been using their solution to process approximately 2 million medical claims, containing 8 million pages a month.

FVTech’s identification rate for UB04s has grown from zero percent to 85 or 90 percent, according to Dias.

“Artsyl’s been very supportive and responsive to our needs,” said Dias. “It’s been a pleasure to work with them. They were accommodating in working with us to resolve issues with the solution and were specific to our requirements; they’ve been very responsive and very adaptive in making it work for us.”



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