ABBYY Announces FineReader 6.0 OCR Development Tools for VARs, Integrators, and Corporate Developers

Munich, Germany (March 13, 2002)

ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 and ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 deliver everything from basic customisation of existing applications to a full development kit for building OCR-enabled applications from the ground up.

ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 and FineReader Engine 6.0 Deliver Customization and Integration of OCR Functionality Across the Spectrum 


ABBYY today announced two new developer tools based on the new FineReader 6.0 optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Designed to meet the varied demands of developers creating OCR-based applications, ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 and ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 deliver everything from basic customization of existing applications to a full development kit for building OCR-enabled applications from the ground up. ABBYY’s wide range of FineReader tools offer ideal solutions for everyone from system integrators to VARs, and corporate developers.

Scripting Edition: OCR Customization For Mid- To High- Volume Production

FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 provides automation Application Programming Interface (API) tools that allow developers and advanced users to customize the FineReader 6.0 applications. In addition to all of the text recognition, format retention, pre- and post OCR processing, and easy-to-use functionality offered in the FineReader Professional 6.0 and Corporate Edition applications, Scripting Edition provides full control over the application functions from the outside application. This makes it an ideal solution for developers who want to enhance the FineReader applications for mid- to high volume document processing. By writing a few lines of code, developers can perform the following functions:


The ABBYY FineReader Scripting 6.0 Edition API fully complies with the COM standard and may be used with any development tool that also supports the COM standard, such as Visual Basic, C++ or scripting languages.

Engine: Full SDK for Integration of OCR, ICR and Barcode Recognition Technologies

For developers who demand greater functionality and control, FineReader Engine 6.0 provides a full software development toolkit (SDK) for integrating ABBYY’s FineReader OCR (machine print), ICR (handprint), and barcode recognition technologies into Windows applications. FineReader Engine 6.0 is a set of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). The Engine API can help customers integrate FineReader’s core technology, or “engine,” into existing applications or build applications from scratch. The product offers a complete set of document imaging functions including: image input, image pre-processing, page analysis, recognition, and export.


Purposes for which FineReader Engine 6.0 are useful include: enterprise content and document management, OCR/ICR related products intended for high-volume production environments and consumer markets, processing of paper forms, fax processing, Internet and Intranet content creation and publishing. The toolkit can also be used for building reading systems that scan books and other documents, perform OCR, and then read text aloud using a synthetic voice.


The ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 API fully conforms to the COM standard and can be easily used by C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, or any other development tool that supports the COM standard.

Built on Next Generation Technology: New Features for 6.0

Both Scripting Edition and Engine are based on ABBYY’s 6.0 recognition technologies that include the following core enhancements:

Flexible Purchasing and Licensing Models

ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 will be offered in April in two versions based on the FineReader 6.0 applications:


Each FineReader Scripting Edition 6.0 package includes a fully functional version of the FineReader 6.0 OCR application software with open API, necessary developer documentation and developer and distribution keys. Pricing is based on an initial developer tool fee and scales according to the version and the number of pages processed. Additional distribution (end user) licenses are also available.


ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 will be available in May through a flexible licensing model that allows developers to select the type of licensing that is best suited to the product and its sales strategy – including four Engine versions with the ability to flexibly change of functionality in each version, flexible limitation the pages processed number. ABBYY also offers support for development of customised, turnkey solutions for data input. For more detailed information on both products, see the ABBYY Web site at