ABBYY Announces New Version of Award-Winning FlexiCapture Studio

Moscow, Russian Federation (March 10, 2005)

Enhanced Software Tool Helps to Extract Data from Semi-Structured Forms and Documents


ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition and linguistic technologies, today announced worldwide availability of ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5, a powerful software tool for extracting data from semi-structured forms and documents. With added support for new layout formats and pre-processing functions, FlexiCapture 1.5 further increases accuracy in analyzing and reading multiple form layouts, making it an ideal tool for processing multiple types of semi-structured forms and documents.


ABBYY Announces New Version of Award-Winning FlexiCapture Studio

ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio gives integrators and developers the tools to create formalized descriptions (FlexiLayouts) for any kind of semi-structured form - documents in which the location of key data fields (such as date, invoice number and amount) varies from page to page. FlexiLayouts are essentially flexible form templates that enable ABBYY FormReader and ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK to effectively locate key data on forms and documents for extraction into databases and information management systems. FlexiCapture Studio is designed for use by integrators and VARs developing custom solutions for form and document processing, or large-scale enterprises choosing to develop specialized data capture in-house. It is ideally suited for processing invoices, financial reports, agreements, resumes, shipping orders, letters, way-bills, and a variety of other semi-structured documents.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5: What's New

ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5, has been enhanced to make semi-structured document processing even more accurate and "intelligent," with the end objective to minimize the amount of adjustments required for each project.


ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5 offers the following new enhancements:


FlexiCapture Studio: Powerful Yet Easy-To-Use Tool

ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio is a powerful tool, based on ABBYY's award-winning FlexiCapture technology . It allows developers to create FlexiLayouts for any kind of semi-structured document, regardless of its complexity. FlexiCapture Studio makes the creation of semi-structured document templates easy, offering a user-friendly interface for implementing FlexiCapture technology; tree-view option for easy viewing of image elements; useful options dialogs; and an image window with assigned objects. Integrators can work with FlexiCapture without any programming experience, making layout creation fast and easy. Even for involved documents, complex low-level coding is not necessary. Additional advanced tools, such as hypothesis trees, and the ability to create reference layouts further streamline the template-creation process and help improve the accuracy of data capture. FlexiCapture Studio also offers a FlexiCapture language for fine-tuning layouts.


Benefits for VARs, Integrators, and Developers

By using ABBYY FlexiCapture technology, VARs and system integrators can expand their business by creating customized solutions for semi-structured document processing, or by offering a wide range of implementation services for their clients. Used for creation of FlexiLayouts for any kind of semi-structured document, ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio provides the ability to address a variety of new markets. In addition, once a FlexiLayout is ready, it is easy to integrate into a data capture process by using it along with ABBYY FormReader or by creating external applications. It is also possible to use the same FlexiLayout in different data capture projects for processing of the same type of documents.

Pricing and Availability

ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio 1.5 is available now and can be purchased for use with ABBYY FormReader 6.5. FlexiCapture Studio 1.5 will also be available for use with future versions of ABBYY FineReader Engine to be released at a later date. For additional product information, pricing and trial version, please contact your local ABBYY office or ABBYY partner , or visit


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