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ABBYY Enhances Functionality of Kofax Ascent Capture with the Availability of Two FineReader OCR and ICR Custom Modules

Kofax awards “Best Custom Module” to ABBYY’s new FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server


ABBYY®, a leader in document recognition and linguistic technologies, today announced the availability of two OCR and ICR custom modules for Kofax® Ascent Capture®: FineReader® OCR Full-Page Recognition Server™ and FineReader Zone Recognition Server™. Both software modules seamlessly integrate into Ascent Capture, enhancing the Kofax document and data capture platform with ABBYY’s leading recognition technologies. In addition, Kofax this week awarded FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server “Best Custom Module,” recognizing the ABBYY product for its advanced OCR capabilities including extensive language support and PDF output abilities.


“Many of our Ascent Capture customers are interested in the OCR functionality found in FineReader, especially its recognition accuracy and PDF output abilities,” said Terry Southerland, vice president of ImageSource, Inc., Kofax Ascent Capture Reseller of the Year and a nationally recognized provider and integrator of document, content and image management and related technologies.  “The new FineReader custom modules are tightly integrated with Ascent Capture, enabling our customers to take advantage of the ABBYY OCR and ICR technologies ‘out-of-the-box’ – without tiresome customization.”

FineReader Custom Modules for Kofax Ascent Capture

FineReader OCR and ICR custom software modules seamlessly integrate ABBYY’s award-winning recognition functionality into the open architecture of Kofax Ascent Capture, giving users a wider range of recognition and output alternatives. ABBYY offers two custom modules for Ascent Capture:


FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server is designed to process whole page documents.  This custom module recognizes machine-printed text in 176 languages and employs ABBYY’s leading OCR technologies to deliver unsurpassed accuracy – even on degraded, hard-to-read documents. The module also retains the original page layout of scanned documents, including text, graphics, tables and other elements.  This combination makes the FineReader OCR Full-Page Server especially well suited for conversion of documents into PDF files, including text and pictures only, text over page image, text under page image, and image-only formats.  The FineReader custom module also can export OCR results in a variety other formats, including TXT, RTF, XLS, and HTML.  The product is the only Ascent Capture custom module to offer this level of OCR flexibility.


FineReader Zone Recognition Server is designed to process user-defined areas on documents or forms.  The custom module employs ABBYY’s OCR technology to recognize machine printed text in 176 languages, plus it includes ICR technology for the recognition of handprinted text in 12 languages.  The module also recognizes barcodes.  In addition, the product includes built-in image pre-processing capabilities to automatically detect and remove lines and boxes to ensure high recognition accuracy even on complex forms.

Kofax Awards FineReader Full-Page Recognition Server

Last July, Kofax challenged 800 business partners, including ISVs, integrators, and resellers to submit modules to demonstrate the open-platform architecture of Ascent Capture.  ABBYY’s FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server was selected as “Best Custom Module” and awarded First Prize among submissions by Kofax technology partners and resellers.


“ABBYY’s FineReader Full-Page Recognition Server is the clear winner of our Best Custom Module award,” said David Oldfield, Ascent product manager at Kofax Image Products.  “The FineReader module represents the very best example of how third-party partners can leverage the open-platform architecture of our Ascent Capture to deliver complementary features to our users without programming.” 


“We were also impressed with the added capabilities of the FineReader custom module, especially its PDF output and extensive recognition language support,” added Oldfield.

System Requirements

In addition to the Ascent Capture system hardware requirements, FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server and FineReader Zone Recognition Server require an IBM PC compatible computer with Intel Pentium II or higher processor, Windows 95(OSR2 with USB support)/98/ME/2000 operating system, 110 MB of free disk space, USB port for hardware protection key, and Kofax Ascent Capture 5.0 or 5.5.

Pricing and Availability

FineReader OCR Full-Page Recognition Server and FineReader Zone Recognition Server are immediately available. Check prices with your local Kofax Accent Capture reseller.