Moscow, Russian Federation (September 16, 2003)

Available now for beta trial, ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux, is a full Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating ABBYY OCR technologies into Linux applications.

Widely Acclaimed OCR Engine Now Available for Developers, VARs, and Integrators Programming for Linux Operating Environments


ABBYY®, a leading developer of document recognition and linguistic technologies, today announced that it has made it’s optical character recognition (OCR) platform accessible for the Linux community. Available now for beta trial, ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux, is a full Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating ABBYY OCR technologies into Linux applications.


FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux marks ABBYY’s first offering specifically developed for the Linux community. Created with special consideration for the functionality and unique characteristics of the Linux platform, it offers access to advanced OCR technology, known on the market for superior accuracy and format retention. VARs, system integrators, third party developers, and corporate developers who want to build a variety of document management applications using LINUX-based development environment can now easily take advantage of technology that has already been chosen by numerous customers including Canon, Cardiff, Fujitsu, Kofax, Panasonic, Saperion, and ZyLab.


Providing higher accuracy and improved OCR functionality than ever before on Linux platform (in accordance with internal tests), FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux enables hardware and software developers, VARs, and system integrators to integrate ABBYY’s advanced recognition technologies into content management, data capture, archiving applications developed for Linux platform.


The FineReader Engine can be used in image or document processing applications that require accurate and flexible OCR functionality. Some examples of applications for which  FineReader Engine is ideal for include:

Technology advantage

Thanks to IPA Technology and Multilevel Document Analysis, FineReader delivers unprecedented recognition accuracy. Also FineReader maintains higher quality of accuracy on multi-lingual documents than any other OCR software*.


ABBYY FineReader is a truly innovative technology that differs substantially from its predecessors. Moving beyond previous versions that focus on text alone, the new FineReader technology is designed to recognize documents as a whole. The objective of the this technology is to produce a file that mirrors the paper original – analyzing not just text, but also formatting, such as image placement, font size and spacing, column placement, and text orientation.

ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 functionality

ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux has the same quality of recognition and document analysis and has the same advanced wide spectrum of OCR functions as Windows version of ABBYY FineReader Engine.


Users of FineReader Engine for Linux benefit from the following features offered in core ABBYY OCR technology:


1. Recognition:


2. Document Analysis:


3. Export and Synthesis:


4. Advanced functionality:


FineReader OCR functions are easily accessible via an application programming interface (API), ABBYY has also developed a special utility for Linux programmers that allows them to access a variety of FineReader Engine controls using the Command Line interface, a preferred programming method for the Linux community. The API for FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux is identical to that of FineReader Engine 6.0 for Windows, making it easy for developers working with multiple platform applications to use the same API on different platforms.

Trial version

ABBYY offers a time-limited fully functional version of ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux for FREE evaluation, so that our prospective customers can test it in real working conditions without any limitation of functionality. To obtain an evaluation copy, please contact your ABBYY salesperson.

Pricing and Availability

ABBYY FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux is now available. ABBYY offers flexible pricing options that allow developers to select the type of licensing model that is best suited to their product and sales strategy. For additional product information visit the company’s website at