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ABBYY Compreno is a natural language processing technology that enables knowledge workers to extract insights and intelligence from unstructured text, transforming Dark Data into useful, actionable information.

ABBYY Compreno technology “understands” the meaning of words, reveals the relationships between them within content and uses this understanding to provide comprehensive text analysis that accurately identify entities, facts, events and relationships between them to discover the stories within textual documents.

ABBYY Compreno text analytics technology

How exactly ABBYY Compreno works?

ABBYY Compreno Text Analysis

ABBYY Compreno can analyze textual information regardless of document complexity and word location within the documents, or the shortcuts that we use in natural language. Compreno detects relationships among words in a sentence and between sentences, including relations between words that stand far apart or that refer back to an already mentioned entity.

Applying thorough morphology, syntactic and semantic text analysis, ABBYY Compreno creates Universal Information Representation, which is the language-independent structure of the text.

This Universal Information Representation is actually the text meaning in a structured form, ready to be analyzed by a computer. ABBYY Compreno applies dozens of text analysis algorithms to automatically detect the most relevant meaning of the text in order to extract and classify data more accurately.

The deep language-based insight allows customers to address complex language challenges that typically prevent exact content understanding, thus radically reducing the need for customers to train the system.

The widespread language challenges that Compreno's text analysis resolves include:

Detecting Even Deeply Hidden Relationships between Words

ABBYY Compreno can detect the full range of relationships among words in a sentence and among sentences. This comprehensive text analysis technology easily detects words that refer back to an already mentioned entity, e.g. by using pronouns it, he, she, etc. or other words such as product, company, etc.

Word Sense Disambiguation

ABBYY Compreno detects homonyms and selects the right meaning applying contextual text analysis.

Restoring Omitted Words

In natural language, we often skip words that another person might guess from the context. Machines can’t read our thoughts, but ABBYY Compreno is able to perform advanced text analysis and to recover words that were omitted, which helps to access even hidden data.

451 Report

451 Research: ABBYY aims to ride the wave in text analytics and machine learning with Compreno.

Nick Patience, 21 March 2016

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Better use unstructured data to optimize business processes.

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How Compreno-Based Products Streamline Content-Intensive Processes

Patient Care & Patient Records

By extracting key entities, facts and stories from patient’s medical records and accurately classifying insurance claims, Smart Classifer and InfoExtractor allow to spot billing errors faster and facilitate accurate reimbursement for insurance claims.

Risk Mitigation and Fraud Prevention

InfoExtractor’s intelligent text analysis enables highly skilled professionals to navigate directly to facts that are relevant and critical to the transaction and could indicate potential risk.

Real Estate and Land Lease Management

InfoExtractor’s text analysis allows to connect facts and events across numerous documents that may apply to a single property or land. Land managers and property rights managers get the understanding they need to embrace the “bigger picture”, fast.

September 01, 2016,
KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2016

KMWorld Magazine, a knowledge management’s leading publisher and information provider, has recognized ABBYY Compreno as one of its Trend-Setting Products of 2016.

ABBYY Compreno Solutions Brochure

ABBYY Compreno Solutions Brochure

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