After the documents are recognized you need to save the recognized data.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine allows you to export all relevant data into backend applications and converts analysed documents into searchable PDF or PDF/A for archiving purposes. Data Capture technologies export data to structured formats (XML, CSV) or other storage location. Sometimes the images of the original documents are also saved.

With ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine developers can benefit from the following enhanced export capabilities:


Redaction means preserving confidential or sensitive data. Developers can:

It is possible to set up Document Templates in a way to change the look of images for each export destination by redacting certain fields on the image.



PDF (PDF/A) MRC compression


Document image files are usually very large due to the background, which is often makes up to 90% of the file size. The background may, however, be unnecessary in the resulting document. It is the text and pictures that are important.

The MRC compression technology allows locating the color background and deleting it or compressing to a high degree. This leaves text and pictures against a white background contributing to smaller file size.

Picture objects (diagrams, graphs, logos, photos, drawings, stamps, signatures, etc.) are also slightly compressed, but only to an extent that doesn’t lower the quality.

The MRC technology analyzes the outlines of similar characters in the document, creates an average character template and uses it instead of a character itself. This leads to better readability, because some of the text defects are corrected, and the character outlines become more precise.

As a result, you get a smaller image which looks even better than before. The resulting document will have an unobtrusive bland background with fine text and pictures.

This “reconstruction” of the document can be useful when you have to deal with low quality images due to: bad lighting, out-of-focus photo, incorrect scanning/photo parameters, dark uncoated paper, or document dilapidation.

All this results in the image having a dark background with additional textures. The text appears blurred and difficult to read.
The MRC technology allows for better document appearance and up to 8-10 smaller file size than JPEG.

Enhanced options for export files naming


Name the resulting files according to your business needs.

When setting up Document Templates developers may add as much parameters and index field values to   their export files naming scheme as they need. New options provide more flexibility and an extensive choice of tags:

Export Settings - Naming Schema: Custom > Edit > Export File Destination - Naming Schema > Add Tag


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