in different languages.

Instant access to high-quality
translation dictionaries.

ABBYY Lingvo Translation Dictionary Server delivers a single, centrally-managed, word translation solution to various environments: into the cloud, on your website, across your organization and into your service offerings. Enchanced with Web or COM API, translation dictionary supports customization to existing design standards and integration into websites and corporate portals.


From Intranet to Cloud

Handling millions of daily queries, translation Dictionary Server delivers content that allows your employees to work productively.


Quick and simple customization

You can tailor dictionaries and reference materials to both your industry, and your organization’s unique needs. 


Extended dictionary support

With 280 dictionaries for 20 languages, translating single words and phrases is as easy as opening a Web browser.  

... like it and will use it definitely!

If you need my point of view, it's great and quite but not so excellent as translator anyway for the presentation as a software. Quite good is the idea to explain everything for the words. I like it and will use it definitely! For the Arabic part, yeah, it's right. I check some words it seems right) Also I liked the part of lessons - like an exam for the users to control themselves as they learned the words!

Samir Merhaben, ABBYY customer

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