ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Server brings operating benefits of word translation software to various environments: into the cloud, on your website, across your organization and into your service offerings.

Dictionary for Intranet Portal

An internally hosted client/server solution that is easily customized to your existing design standards and integrated into your corporate portal. Lingvo Dictionary Server does not require any installation on end-users’ PCs, and is easily set up and maintained.

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Dictionary for Internet Website

Provides your users and customers with a fully-scalable solution to translate words and phrases that requires no client software. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari Web browsers, Lingvo Dictionary Server is available anytime to any client in any part in the world.

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Cloud-Based Dictionary

If you have no wish to deal with deployment, you can simply subscribe to a cloud-based version of Lingvo Dictionary Server to provide your organization or your website visitors with a real-time solution to translate words and phrases.

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