Multilingual dictionaries

Lingvo Dictionary Server supports 20 languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Russian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Kazakh, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tatar, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Powerful, Case-Sensitive Word Lookup

Users can look up inflected word forms and homonyms. If a compound word is not found in the dictionaries, Translation Server will parse it into its constituent elements and translate them. Word lookups are case-sensitive.

A Full-Text Search

Translation Server supports a quick search through the whole entry, including usage examples, translation variants, and other entry sections. The results are displayed  depending on the relevance and dictionary rankings.

Spelling Suggestions

When users make typos or can’t remember the exact word spelling, Translation Server will automatically suggest spelling variants according to what’s been entered.

Language Learning Tools

Translation Server users can improve their language skills using a grammar checker, accurate audio pronunciations, phonetic transcriptions, reliable usage examples and a wildcard search.

Proven Reliability

Lingvo Dictionary Server is successfully handling extremely heavy traffic on a 24x7 basis, and has been deployed on websites receiving millions of queries a day.