Customised Solution for Small, Medium-sized and Large Companies

FlexiCapture is one of the most comprehensive data capture platforms on the market and is basis for a large range of customised solutions to automate document-based processes in small, medium-sized and large companies. Apart from template-based form recognition FlexiCapture also offers the intelligent recognition of documents in one single solution.


High-quality Data Output Adapts to Your Processes

The delivery of high-quality data output in formats which already are compatible with the company's resources brings about a more reliable data import in advanced company systems. Additionally, you can save precious time and labour resources.

Smallest Possible Effort, Highest Possible Benefit

By means of the automation of time and labour-intensive manual operations, e.g. a manual pre-sorting of documents and the manual collection of business critical data, companies can optimise their internal processes in the long term and thereby increase their productivity.


Strengthen Your Competitive Edge

By means of automation of document-based processes companies can save precious work time, usually involved in manual pre-sorting and data-extraction. Thus, companies can focus even better on their core business and on increasing their competitive edge on the market.

Increase Your Productivity

Time-consuming manual operations are replaced by automated data capture processes, which result in an increase of the throughput of captured documents as well as a shorter reaction time. In order to increase productivity or to react to changing volumes of documents that need processing, external providers can be included.


Reduce Your Operating Costs

By implementing an Enterprise Capture solution, the costs for the manual handling of documents can be reduced and the effort for the manual extraction of business critical data from documents can be minimised.

Quick Return on Investment

Companies can achieve significant cost savings, which leads, in combination with rather low implementation costs, to a very quick return on investment.


Low Total Costs

Flexible licensing models, combined with web-based clients as well as a data extraction system that can be easily configured, ensure low total costs of investment.

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