Automated processing of electronic invoices without a signature

An initiative of the European Union will allow companies to send electronic invoices without a signature starting in 2014. The advantages for both the supplier and the invoice recipient are clear: cost saving from eliminating manual steps.

ABBYY's solution enables companies to automatically process incoming electronic invoices. Email inboxes based on Microsoft Exchange or other email formats receiving invoices in digital format can be monitored automatically. The email attachment, usually an unsigned PDF file, is reviewed and transferred to the OCR recognition stage of the ABBYY solution.

Invoices, whether paper or electronic, can be sent and processed in one single invoice workflow. The incoming electronic invoice is reviewed with the same system that is used for a scanned paper invoice. In case of an error, the invoice is placed in a special queue and will be processed separately.

The electronic invoice will be stored alongside the original email in an archive and is thus available and securely stored for later review.

Advantages of electronic invoice processing: