ABBYY FineReader&nbsp;14 <span>for&nbsp;Windows</span> ABBYY FineReader 14 for Windows

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Edit, convert, and compare PDFs and scans with all-in-one software.


Easily set schedules for batch OCR conversion and monitoring of "watched” folders: use the Hot Folder tool to streamline OCR and convert documents to editable documents and searchable PDFs ready for digital archiving.


1_Automate batch conversion

Automate batch conversion

Easily, in a few simple steps, process tasks in the Hot Folder for automatic conversion of documents - and free up time for accomplishing other tasks. FineReader 14 can automatically convert batches of scans and images into searchable PDF and editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer, or other text formats. For example, Hot Folder will search for all PDFs (e.g. scanned PDFs) in a specified folder (including subfolders,) and convert them into searchable PDF/A documents ready for long-term digital archiving. Once created, a Hot Folder task can be reused for similiar document batches.

3_Create watched folder

Create “watched” folder

Set up a "watched" folder on a local or network drive, FTP server or mailbox and any file or batch of files placed in it will be converted automatically with the pre-defined settings. The Hot Folder tool will initiate processes according to the intervals (every minute, day, etc.) you specify. Using a “watched” folder, you can greatly simplify batch OCR conversion of paper documents when scanning them on a network multifunction printer (MFP).

2_Set the schedule

Schedule conversion

Manage document conversion more efficiently: schedule Hot Folder to process documents at a specified time - for example, after working hours. Its high flexibility allows you to schedule recurring tasks to run repeatedly - on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis.

4_Monitor mailbox attachments

Monitor mailbox attachments

Set Hot Folder to automatically process attachments received by email – such as those sent by MFPs. For example, you can have all incoming scanned paper documents automatically converted to searchable PDF or Word documents.

5_Advanced OCR setting

Advanced OCR settings

FineReader’s Hot Folder offers multiple settings for OCR conversion that help you to ensure exceptional results and to organize the process in the most efficient manner. You can set OCR languages, conversion speed, image pre-processing and saving options. For example, you can set a Hot Folder task to automatically recognize all input documents and save the results as “OCR Project” for further proofreading using FineReader’s OCR Editor that offers built-in verification and text correction tools.

*Processing documents within Hot Folder is limited to 5000 pages per month and 2 CPUs for FineReader 14 Corporate, and 10000 pages per month and 4 CPUs for FineReader 14 Enterprise. Batch conversion within main FineReader 14 user interface (New Task window) is unlimited in all product versions (Standard, Corporate, Enterprise).


6_Create custom tasks

Streamline everyday routines

Automated Tasks enable you to streamline document scanning and conversion routines. Create your own Automated Tasks for oft-repeated document-related tasks - for example, conversion of documents to searchable PDFs with enhanced image quality. You can set up the source of a document image, recognition languages, output formats and saving folders, and run the Tasks whenever necessary.

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Edit and comment PDFs
Convert PDFs and scans
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended Automation


Edit and comment PDFs
Convert PDFs and scans
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended automation


Edit and comment PDFs
Convert PDFs and scans
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended automation