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Convert PDF to Searchable and Editable Formats

PDF to Word

PDF to Word ABBYY FineReader is the right choice when you need to access information locked in a PDF file (e.g. in a contract, a report, an article, etc.) and edit or change it in a Microsoft® Word document without retyping and reformatting. The application accurately converts PDF documents to Word, reproducing the original layout including images, tables and columns. Its friendly and intuitive user interface makes PDF document conversion tasks simple and enjoyable.

PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel Based on the unique ABBYY’s recognition technologies, PDF Transformer is the ideal solution to convert any PDF document to Excel® spreadsheet, available for editing or calculation. During PDF conversion it retains the original table’s row and column structure allowing you to easily format and manipulate numerical data from a price-list, analytical report or newspaper article in Excel. If in a large PDF file you are interested only in tables, select the “Ignore text outside tables” option for converting to Excel information contained within tables cells.


PDF to RTF Convert PDF to RTF and make information from your PDF independent from the platform used. PDF Transformer allows you to edit a text from the original PDF in the most modern environments like Mac®, Linux® or Windows. Once converted to RTF, the document can be opened in any text processing software, whether it is an older version of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect®,® Writer or Apple® Pages.


PDF to TXT ABBYY PDF Transformer delivers PDF-to-TEXT conversion of high quality. This is extremely convenient for people who would like to read electronic books on a mobile phone or pocket computer, as scanned books are very often available in PDF format. PDF Transformer accurately transforms data from a PDF file to TEXT with just a few mouse clicks.


PDF to HTML High accuracy in layout retention and an easy-to-use interface make PDF Transformer+ the best solution for PDF to HTML conversion. If you need to publish information from a PDF file on a Web site, use ABBYY PDF Transformer+ to save your time and effort. You can convert the original PDF document into HTML in seconds with all of the formatting retained.

PDF to searchable PDF and PDF/A

PDF to searchable PDf or PDF/AWhen you scan to a PDF with a common scanning device as a result you receive image-only PDFs, image files with a non-text layer. PDF Transformer can convert such a file into a searchable PDF document, which now contains selectable text (you can select it with your mouse) available for copyng via PDF viewers, indexing and full-text search. The application can also convert any PDF document to PDF/A format for long-time archiving.

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