ABBYY FineReader 14

Your documents in action.


Accurately convert scanned paper documents, images and PDFs to Word, Excel, searchable PDF and other formats. Powered by ABBYY’s leading OCR technology, FineReader makes digitizing processes fast and easy.


convert_1_Get editable copies

Get editable copies

Easily turn scanned paper documents, PDFs, and images into editable Word, Excel, and other file formats without retyping – and save time for more important tasks. Process batches of individual documents all at once with the same ease.

convert_2_Enjoy accuracy

Enjoy accuracy

Superior OCR accuracy of up to 99.8%, ABBYY’s intelligent technologies for document layout and structure reconstruction (including headers, footnotes, page numbering and more) and precise table structure retention combine to ensure almost no corrections will need to be made manually.

convert_3_Better scans – better results

Better scans – better results

Get high-quality digital copies from any scan, even poor ones. FineReader automatically applies the optimal image preprocessing algorithms to deliver superior conversion results. Scan your documents directly with FineReader, with multiple scanning settings available for any type of task.


convert_4_Create searchable PDFs

Create searchable PDFs

Easily turn scanned paper documents into searchable PDFs or combine them with Word, Excel, or files in many other formats, during conversion. FineReader also supports the PDF/A format, the standard for long-term archiving.

convert_5_Prepare for archiving

Prepare for archiving

Reduce the size of PDF documents with compression (up to 20 times less), improve the visual quality of scans and get searchable PDF documents that are ideal for digital archiving.


convert_6_OCR Editor for exceptional results

OCR Editor for exceptional results

OCR Editor­ provides all the tools necessary for advanced document conversion – giving you full control and enabling the best results, even for very complex documents. Set and adjust any setting that may improve OCR and layout retention quality – for example, use cell separators to retain the structure of a complicated table.

convert_7_Proofread before saving

Proofread before saving

Check results and correct typos a lot faster: do it before saving converted text in FineReader. You can ensure a 100% accuracy of documents simply by going through highlighted symbols, and you can proofread text and data in tables.

convert_8_Train FineReader

Train FineReader

If your documents often contain terminology from specialized fields – or use rare or decorative fonts – you can train FineReader to recognize them correctly and get even more accurate results.


convert_9_Smartphone instead of scanner

Smartphone instead of scanner

Whether you take photos of documents yourself, or receive document images to work with, FineReader will help. It applies powerful image pre-processing tools to correct image distortions and clean up photographic images – delivering results that are truly like scans and providing exceptional text recognition.

convert_10_Create e-books

Create e-books

Convert scanned books and articles into e-book formats: EPUB®, FB2, or send them to an Amazon Kindle account to read while commuting.

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Convert PDFs and scans
Edit and comment PDFs
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended Automation


Convert PDFs and scans
Edit and comment PDFs
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended automation


Convert PDFs and scans
Edit and comment PDFs
Compare documents
Automate conversion
Extended automation
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