ABBYY FineReader&nbsp;14 <span>for&nbsp;Windows</span> ABBYY FineReader 14 for Windows

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The universal PDF tool for students and teachers.

With ABBYY FineReader, teachers, researchers and students can be significantly more productive and efficient. FineReader addresses the digital transformation of research and classrooms by facilitating work with both paper and digital books, magazines, scientific publications and other materials.


Educational institutions

  • Equip teachers, lecturers, administrative staff and students with an all-in-one solution for working with documents
  • Streamline paper-heavy administrative processes
  • Convert documents into PDF formats for convenient sharing with a large audience
  • Digitize paper documents, secure and archive them in standard archiving formats such as PDF/A


Students with special needs

  • Provide students with special needs, such as dyslexia or visual impairments, equal access to printed educational materials. Use exceptional quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert text books and study materials to digitally accessible documents
  • Make study materials accessible via text-to-speech, magnification software or other assistive technologies


Teachers & lecturers

  • Create teaching materials and worksheets by using content from different resources such as scanned textbooks or scientific articles – without manually retyping
  • Protect information from unauthorized viewing, copying and reusing
  • Review student assignments: mark-up and give feedback digitally, using PDF documents instead of paper
  • Quickly find relevant information in educational materials scanned and converted into searchable PDF documents



  • Convert and store research papers and reports in searchable digital formats in order to quickly find relevant information later
  • Collaborate on projects by using comment and annotation tools, exchange feedback and monitor the status directly within a document
  • Reduce PDF file size and enhance visual quality of scans
  • Support your work process by bookmarking and highlighting important sections within documents and leave comments to support your thought process later

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Volume licenses for educational institutions

ABBYY offers volume licenses for equipping institutionally owned computers with PDF and OCR software at special educational discounts. Administrative staff can streamline resource-intensive document tasks and reduce the time spent working with paper documents and PDFs; teachers and lecturers can efficiently prepare digital study materials and share with their students.