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Do I have to pay again for the update of FineReader to work under the new macOS 10.14 Mojave?

No, you do not have to pay again. An official update for macOS 10.14 Mojave is available on our website and in Mac Apple Store.

Does FineReader Pro for Mac differ from the Windows version?

FineReader Pro for Mac offers advanced text recognition (OCR) capabilities. Unlike the Windows version of FineReader it does not include PDF editing and document comparison tools. See this comparison for more details.

Some more specific differences between the document scanning and conversion capabilities of the two products include:

  • Pro for Mac supports ICA-compatible scanners, MFPs, cameras, and smartphones
  • Converted documents can be edited only after their export to any of the preferred text editing applications. For effective proofreading we recommend that documents be exported with uncertainly recognized symbols highlighted
  • Pattern training and user dictionaries are not supported in FineReader for Mac.

Can I correct conversion results before saving?

FineReader Pro for Mac doesn’t support text editing within in the program, but you can edit the results in applications such as Apple Pages, Microsoft® Word, Apache OpenOffice® Writer etc. Just check the “Open after save” box in the Save dialog while naming the resulting document – and edit it in the application of your choice. To export the document with uncertainly recognized symbols that are highlighted by FineReader Pro, choose the corresponding option in the export panel.

Can ABBYY FineReader capture hand-written text?

ABBYY FineReader can only capture printed text.

Do I need a scanner to use ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac?

No, you do not need a scanner to run the program. You can use image files, photos from your digital camera or PDF files without a text layer.

Do I need an Internet connection to activate FineReader Pro for Mac?

No, an Internet connection is not required for either activating or using the program.

How can I determine if it is compatible with my scanner?

ABBYY FineReader supports ICA-compatible scanners and multi-function peripherals (MFPs). You can find a list of ICA-compatible devices on Apple’s website. TWAIN-compatible scanners are not supported.

Can I process batches of documents?

Yes. You can create task-specific apps with Automator actions that will convert images and PDF files dropped on to the app’s icon into editable documents of your choice. You can drop either individual files, or batches of them. For a detailed tutorial on using Automator actions visit our online knowledgebase.  Please note that you need to install the latest version of FineReader Pro for Mac to use Automator actions.

How do I schedule automatic conversion routines?

Support for Automator actions makes this easy.  Simply use Automator to create document conversion workflows associated with a specific date or a folder. For a detailed tutorial on using Automator actions visit our online knowledgebase. Please note that you need to install the latest version of FineReader Pro for Mac to use Automator actions.

Can I import images from my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to FineReader Pro for Mac?

Yes, you can import images in PDF or JPEG format from ScanSnap scanner to FineReader Pro using Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager. Just select ABBYY FineReader Pro as the application that will launch automatically when you use your ScanSnap scanner.

Which scanning settings are optimal for recognition purposes?

The following settings are optimal for further OCR:

  • Resolution of 300 dpi for standard text (font size 10 and larger) and 400-600 dpi for text with small font (font size 9 and less);
  • Grayscale color mode.

What does "dictionary support" mean?

Dictionary support enables secondary analysis of text elements at a word level. With dictionary support, the program ensures even more accurate analysis and recognition of documents and simplifies further verification of recognition results. ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac provides dictionary support for 45 languages.

Can I recognize a section of a document instead of the entire document?

You can select the required text block in the Area Editor and choose the “Copy recognized text to clipboard” option in the context menu. Only text from the selected area will be converted.

Find more information about FineReader and answers to frequent user questions in our Knowledge Base or in FineReader blog.

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