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Dialogue International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies

Hosted by ABBYY, Dialogue is one of the largest annual interdisciplinary scientific events in the area of natural language processing. It is a place where scientists and developers can see, discuss, compare, and evaluate pioneering language-based technologies and software. The conference fuses modern computerized analysis and traditional linguistic research with the aim of developing a computer model of the Russian language and framing general principles of computer modeling for other natural languages.

With a 40-year history, Dialogue is a unique discussion platform covering a wide variety of global trends and challenges in computational linguistics: it combines plenary and special sessions with demo rooms for language software and round-table talks. Knowledge mining, semantic search, reliable verification methods, data extraction, machine translation, communicative strategies, and non-verbal communication components have always been among the highlights. Developers can present their solutions to the expert community, media, and potential customers during the Business Day.

Upon a rigorous professional review process, the papers become available via SCOPUS – the largest international scientific abstract and citation database.

In 2010–2015, the Dialogue conference saw the most distinguished global linguistics experts as presenters, speakers, and members of the conference’s International Program Committee:

undefined Marjorie McShane, Dan I. Moldovan, Barbara H. Partee, and Viktor Raskin (USA);

undefined Hinrich Schütze (Germany);

undefined Gregory Grefenstette (France);

undefined John A. Caroll, Greville G. Corbett, Yorick Wilks, and Diana McCarthy (UK)

undefined Andrey A. Kibrik, Vladimir M. Alpatov, and Elena V. Paducheva;

undefined Eduard Hovy (Canada);

undefined Marco Baroni, Roberto Navigli (Italy);

undefined Joakim Nivre (Sweden);

undefined Alan Cienki (Netherlands);

undefined Preslav Nakov (Qatar);

undefined Lluís Màrquez (Spain) and more.

Research and discussion themes of interest at Dialogue include:


 Text, Speech, and Knowledge

 Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Analysis and Resources

  • Machine translation of text and speech

  • Extraction of knowledge from text

  • Linguistic analysis of speech

  • Social interaction models. Communication, dialog, and speech acts
  • Typology and computational linguistics

  • Linguistic ontologies

  • Formal language models and their applications in computational linguistics

  • Corpus linguistics: creation, markup, evaluation, and applications of corpora

  • Theoretical and computational lexicography
  • Models and methods of semantic text analysis

  • Hybrid text analysis technologies

  • Digital linguistic resources

  • The Internet as a linguistic resource

  • Computational analysis of documents: classification, search, sentiment analysis, etc.

The working languages at the conference are English and Russian.

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