Meaning narrowing

Meaning narrowing delivers outstanding precision while retaining relevance. By intelligently specifying the meaning of words, ambiguity is removed from search queries.


Meaning broadening

Meaning broadening widens search results to provide the highest number of relevant recalls. Using general notions, it expands the query by broadening the range of applicable meanings.

Ranking by meaning

Ranking by meaning, unlike traditional ranking by keywords, is based on syntactic and semantic analysis of text – displaying results that are closest to queries’ meanings at the top of results lists.


Automatic extraction of document properties

Automatic document properties extraction enables searches and filtering according to a wide range of document properties including: file types, authors, document creation/modification dates. Increasing search relevance, it expedites the process of finding the right document.

Automatic recognition of named entities

Automatic recognition of named entities searches and filters according to criteria that can include persons, organizations, locations, time and money – making information retrieval easier and faster.


Full text search

Full text search intelligently detects every mention of a specified word within documents despite its grammatical forms.

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