Analysis of Images for OCR

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK provides innovative features to evaluate image quality and determine whether or not a photographed document is suitable for Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
The SDK detects images of insufficient quality using the following three criteria: Blurred images, Uneven lighting/glare, Poor lighting/noise.
With the image evaluation feature integrated into an application, users can see in advance if a certain photograph is suitable for OCR or not, thus saving time and optimizing their processes.

Enhancement of Visual Quality

The ABBYY SDK delivers an optimal set of features to address the majority of needs in the area of mobile image processing, such as:

  • Crop / edge detection, 
  • Image rotation,
  • Perspective correction (corrects trapezium distortions),
  • Binarization,
  • Inversion,
  • Gray scaling,
  • Brightness / contrast adjustment,
  • Noise removal,
  • Sharpening and more (see the full list of functions with descriptions).

As a result, a user receives images of high visual quality suitable for comfortable reading and printing out.

Image Export

The SDK supports saving of images to compressed JPEG, PNG or PDF formats optimizing the size of the output files and making them ready to be stored or sent to the server.

Mobile OS Support

Save you time on porting your applications by using the ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK that already supports the most popular mobile platforms – Apple iOS (iPhone) and Android. 

Ready-to-use Functions and Documentation

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK contains ready-to-use functions (presets):

  • Black-and-white document
  • Business card
  • Color document
  • Light-on-dark document
  • Receipt
  • Spy shot
  • Stamped paper
  • Street shot (screenshots and description).

 These presets can be quickly implemented into your own systems and applications, saving time and effort. The product also contains detailed documentation and code samples making the programming process faster and easier.

Synergy of Technologies

ABBYY offers a wide range of interoperable products and technologies for OCR processing, image processing, data and document capture in mobile, desktop, server and cloud environments. 

When combined, ABBYY SDKs can cover the majority of OCR and document capture scenarios and greatly reduce time and labor investments typically associated with such projects.


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