Photographs from mobile cameras are not always taken under the optimal conditions in regards to camera angle, lighting, etc. Depending on the customer’s needs, ABBYY Mobile Imaging technology can improve viewing quality of captured images or easily filter out low quality photos by using special detectors.

For customers that require the highest accuracy of text recognition on documents captured with mobile devices the SDK provides intelligent image analysis: it detects blurred photos and images taken with uneven or  poor lighting that should be taken again before they are sent to an OCR engine.

With the image pre-processing functionality integrated, photographs of documents can be adjusted for better viewing before storing, publishing or sharing with customers, partners and colleagues.

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK is an ideal technology for solutions combining cloud-based or on-premise backend systems  (i.e. CRM and ERP systems) with a mobile client application as an alternative way of feeding documents and data.

In combination with ABBYY’s OCR and document capture toolkits, such as ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK or ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, the new image enhancement technology helps organizations to effectively use mobile devices as a reliable way of document and data input and an integral part of the corporate infrastructure. Mobile document input can be helpful in various industries, such as healthcare, banking, insurance, government agencies, social services and other organizations that have a distributed network of offices and mobile workers “in the field”.

Superior quality of ABBYY technologies allows users to effectively process information from insurance claims, tax declarations, passports and ID cards, driver licenses, payment orders, bills, invoices, various customer applications and other documents for which accuracy is important.

Sample Apps

The key functionality of ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK has been integrated in ABBYY FineScanner, a mobile application designed to “scan” paper documents using a built-in camera. It saves photographed images in PDF and JPEG  formats providing excellent visual quality. ABBYY FineScanner is available at the App Store.

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