The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is a software development kit (SDK) based on ABBYY’s world-renowned OCR-technologies. Its powerful image processing algorithms enable mobile devices to perform highly accurate text recognition. Optimized for efficiency and featuring comprehensive language support, the Engine is ideal for developers of mobile and small footprint applications who seek to upgrade and expand the functionality of their products.

Who will benefit from this SDK?

A wide range of organizations and individuals can add the benefits of mobile recognition to their products using this SDK. They include mobile hardware and software developers, scanning and image processing device manufacturers and developers of small footprint, fast recognition applications for PCs.

What does it do?

Using this compact-code OCR technology, highly accurate text recognition functionality can be included in applications for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

What are its key advantages?

The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is powerful, efficient and compact. With it, applications can be made more valuable to customers by upgrading and expanding their functionality. Advantages include:

The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 is based on second-generation technology that is well proven in devices that have long been on the market. More than 10 years of innovation, development and refinement enable developers to empower mobile applications with cutting edge and high quality OCR.

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