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Technical Certification trainings

ABBYY Ukraine provides a range of technical Certification Trainings for ABBYY Corporate and Technology products. These Trainings are intended for technical professionals specializing in data capture and document processing.

During these Trainings the participants become familiar with functionality of the chosen product and perform a lot of practical tasks on computers.

Following technical trainings are available now:

Each of these trainings consist from several parts:

If you wish to get more information about these trainings (agenda, conditions of organization, duration and cost), please contact us at

Sales and Marketing Certification trainings

These web-based trainings are dedicated for sales and marketing managers. Participants get information about product functionality, business spheres where it could be implemented, license and price policy, and also see the demonstration of software possibilities.

These trainings are remote and designed to became acquainted with ABBYY products with time saving and recourses economy.

At the moment there are two remote trainings available:

Trainings structure is following:

If you need more information about such trainings and want to know how to participate them, please send your request to

If you wish to get information about trainings, please contact our office:

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