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The ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK is an easy-to-integrate technology that automatically extracts data from receipts. It is perfect for providers of Customer Loyalty Management software and services, and it saves time and money on development and manual work. Learn more about Receipt Capture SDK in Loyalty Management ›

The ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK supports both scanned receipts and receipt images snapped by a smartphone. It captures fields like Vendor Name, Date, Time, Total, Tax as well as Line Items. Full list of fields captured › 

Automate the capture of important receipt data

Offer receipt capture and loyalty program support to your customers, or expand the speed and cost-effectiveness of your existing capture solutions.

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Why ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK?

Reduce Costs

Since there is no need to implement your own parsing algorithms, using the ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK is less expensive to deploy than  tuning basic OCR SDK for receipt capture. High accuracy makes verification cheaper as well. And, of course, using automatic ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK (even in combination with manual verification) is cheaper than just using manual parsing.

Reduce Time to Market

Receipt layout dramatically varies from vendor to vendor, so the receipt capture solution has to accommodate the undefined receipt structure. Tuning basic OCR SDK to meet that challenge requires significant time. With our SDK, you can quickly offer a receipt capture feature to your customers.

Web API is Available

The solution is available in the form of offline SDK and Web API. Receipt recognition in the cloud possesses virtually unlimited scalability; it is not tied to an OS and can be used in mobile apps.

Out-of-the-Box Receipt Capture

Clients and partners are building customer intelligence and loyalty rewards programs with the Top 100 US Retailers using receipt capture technology from ABBYY.

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Our Customers Say

“We are excited about the new ABBYY receipt capture technology with its high accuracy for total sum and purchase date. It facilitates data entry for the users of our mobile apps tremendously. Thus, it is ideally suited for our marketing-related projects.”

Kai Burghardt, Managing Director, Kajo Software

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