ABBYY Screenshot Reader

ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Capture an interesting part of the screen and save it or share with your friends

Found something interesting on a Web site? It may be a picture of new product you want to buy or directions to a new restaurant. Or maybe you want to save a travel reservation confirmation because you’re not near a printer. You can easily capture it. Just mark certain part of the screen with ABBYY Screenshot Reader and send it as image by e-mail or by messenger or store it on your computer.

Send a screenshot of an error message to the technical support

Do you need to explain the problems with your PC? Simply capture program’s messages and dialogues or system information and send it to the technical support by e-mail together with the explanations of the problem. It’s a lot easier than remembering: “there is a problem with the .batix./320.dir file”!

Insert a screen image in a presentation, report or other documents

Do you need to illustrate the topics you describe? With ABBYY Screenshot Reader, you can prepare small – size images for your presentations and other documents. Open the image, create the screenshot, copy it to the clipboard and then insert into the document with CTRL+V keys or “paste” functions.

Use screenshots to compile instructions and guides

Screenshot Reader is a useful tool for every day work of technical writers or system administrators. It helps creating illustrations for instructions about program usage, manuals and guides.

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