Intuitive Model-Editor

The easy-to-use interface and simple workflow in Smart Classifier’s Model Editor guides non-technical users throughout text classification set up, from training set import to model deployment. They can tune the model at feature level to optimize precision, recall or f-measure metrics, and examine documents with the detailed analytics. 

Automatic Algorithm Optimization

Optimizing classification algorithms for specific categories is a grueling process of selecting text classification features and model parameters to then iteratively test the results. ABBYY Smart Classifier does this hard work for you– automatically making the decisions to optimize the parameters and deliver consistently high classification quality.

39 Languages for Classification with Automatic Language Detection

The toolkit employs a powerful morphology module available for all major European and Asian languages to support the information flow wherever it may come from.

Semantic-based Classification

Deep level of text analysis disambiguates terms, examines sentence structure and "understands" the general context. Combining of semantic and keyword-based approaches enhances text classification accuracy.

Simple, REST APIs for fast integration

Integrating automatic text classification into your existing SharePoint, content management systems and archives, as well as workflow and repositories for email management, records management, and business process management solutions has never be easier, or faster.

Embedded powerful OCR

ABBYY’s own world-famous OCR technologies integrated making document classification available disregarding the data format.

ABBYY Smart Classifier Brochure

Download the Product Brochure to learn how ABBYY Smart Classifer, based on a powerful engine that provides both text-based and semantic-based classification, makes classification a snap - for anyone!

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Brochure
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