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Integrate Cloud-based OCR into your applications – Use the new .NET Client Library to save on development time

With the easy-to-deploy document processing service ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, you can easily integrate cloud-based OCR functionalities into your applications and provide document processing capabilities in your software within shortest time. Learn how to deploy the service even faster. Using ABBYY’s new .NET Client Library can shorten your deployment process to only several minutes.

New Functionalities in FlexiCapture 12, Release 3

Discover the new functionalities in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12, Release 3. FlexiCapture is a modern Intelligent Document Processing solution that transforms documents, forms and other unstructured content into easy-to-consume data for enabling the modern, competitive enterprise’s workforces – whether knowledge, digitally-enabled or fully digital workforces.

Learn How to Embed FlexiCapture Cloud into Your Processes

You are welcome to join ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud webinar to learn how you can streamline and automate document processing while reducing the costs. ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud automates any-volume document classification and data extraction. It helps organizations implement robust techniques to enhance their performance and save money.

Introducing Process Intelligence – The Complete Solution for Real Business Transformation

ABBYY Timeline, the next generation Process IQ solution, helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by giving data-backed insight to process execution to alert you to problems and remediate issues before it’s too late.

Join our webinar to learn how leading companies are taking full advantage of the data in their IT systems to uncover full operational visibility, highlighting opportunities for improvements, and monitoring their processes ensuring continuous process excellence with process intelligence.

Introducing Next-Level RPA: Content IQ Skills are the Key to Automating Unstructured Content Processing

Join the experts from IRPA, ABBYY, and Ashling Partners in this interactive discussion as they dive into how enterprises can progress to the next level of automation by combining RPA with Content IQ Skills, the technologies and solutions that can interpret, understand, and extract meaningful information from unstructured content.

French Webinar : FlexiCapture 12 SDK – Extraction de données et dématérialisation de factures

Discover in our French webinar how FlexiCapture 12 SDK allows developers to quickly create applications, which can extract information from all sorts of documents. This SDK is an ideal solution for all developers who want to integrate Data Capture functionalities in their products.

Webinar in French : Comment l’assurance peut accroître sa proximité client

To increase customer proximity and deal with new competitors (bankinsurance or insurtechs), it is important to master unstructured processes and data, which still account for more than 91% of data in the insurance sector. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning among others, ABBYY can identify and extract data in real time.

Our 30-minute webinar will show you how our technology helps you increase your conversion rates and get more loyal customers.

Onboarding client en toute simplicité

This French webinar is aimed at all those who are looking to improve their client onboarding as well as information compliance processes to better meet the needs and expectations of their customers and gain a competitive advantage.

Webinar in French : Exportez les résultats de l’OCRisation : les différents formats

In this fourth webinar dedicated to FineReader Engine 12 we will show you the different export formats and new technologies this SDK offers.

How to deploy FineReader Engine in a container

Advantages of containerization technology are obvious: hardware cost savings, IT efficiency, faster deployment and better performance of applications through greater scalability options, and more. But did you know you can leverage these benefits as well, by deploying your application with ABBYY FineReader Engine in containers? Join this technical webinar to learn how fast and easy it is.

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