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Teaching Robots to Read: OCR for Machine Vision Systems

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can extract text information from product packaging or control panels and make it available to machine vision systems with the help of OCR technologies. In this way, the functionality of such systems can be significantly extended.


Expense management and customer loyalty 4.0 – Reading receipts with mobile apps

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how its receipt capture technology can be used to record receipts easily on-the-go in order to automatically transmit the data to downstream systems. You will also discover how to implement receipt capture functions in your applications or software products, creating real added value for your customers.





Webinars pasados

Real-Time Recognition – Data Input to Mobile Apps made Fast and Easy

In our webinar you can learn, how the new, innovative real-time text recognition technology pulls text directly from the live video-stream of smartphone cameras and makes it available for instant use in a variety of iOS and Android apps. The webinar is aimed at app developers, product or project managers and all entrepreneurs looking for innovative ideas for their businesses. Language: English

Soluciones inteligentes para el procesamiento eficiente de facturas

Automatizar sus procesos de cuentas a pagar le ayuda a ahorrar costos y tiempo, reducir las tasas de error, mejorar la transparencia y aumentar la eficiencia y productividad en su departamento de finanzas. Únase a nuestro seminario web y aprenda cómo optimizar sus procesos de cuentas a pagar facilmente.

The Legal Industry in the Digital Age (09/02/2017)

How can lawyers, notaries and legal departments use software to efficiently handle their digital challenges? In this webinar specifically for product managers and developers of software for legal professionals, we explain how you can offer your customers real added value through the seamless integration of technologies for text recognition, classification and data extraction.

Take your document classification to the next level with ABBYY Smart Classifier (19/01/2017)

ABBYY Smart Classifier allows you to develop document classification applications that quickly organise large repositories of documents according to both statistic and semantic analysis of content. This automated, machine-based access to information empowers your customers to take control of their information, turn it into an asset and use it to their advantage.

Join our free webinar to learn how you can use this ABBYY SDK to integrate language-based classification into your applications and help boost your customers’ information classification workflows and business processes.

Audience: ISVs, providers and developers of software solutions