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Soluciones inteligentes para el procesamiento eficiente de facturas

Automatizar sus procesos de cuentas a pagar le ayuda a ahorrar costos y tiempo, reducir las tasas de error, mejorar la transparencia y aumentar la eficiencia y productividad en su departamento de finanzas. Únase a nuestro seminario web y aprenda cómo optimizar sus procesos de cuentas a pagar facilmente.

The Legal Industry in the Digital Age (09/02/2017)

How can lawyers, notaries and legal departments use software to efficiently handle their digital challenges? In this webinar specifically for product managers and developers of software for legal professionals, we explain how you can offer your customers real added value through the seamless integration of technologies for text recognition, classification and data extraction.

Take your document classification to the next level with ABBYY Smart Classifier (19/01/2017)

ABBYY Smart Classifier allows you to develop document classification applications that quickly organise large repositories of documents according to both statistic and semantic analysis of content. This automated, machine-based access to information empowers your customers to take control of their information, turn it into an asset and use it to their advantage.

Join our free webinar to learn how you can use this ABBYY SDK to integrate language-based classification into your applications and help boost your customers’ information classification workflows and business processes.

Audience: ISVs, providers and developers of software solutions

Business Webinar: Next generation document classification with ABBYY Smart Classifier (17/01/2017)

ABBYY Smart Classifier provides next generation document classification based on linguistic analysis of content. It was designed for processing of unstructured information and quickly organizes large repositories or processes your incoming communication. Once classified, information is ready for search and retrieval, automated routing and intelligent data extraction.

Join our free webinar to learn how Smart Classifier provides language-based insight into information, creates new opportunities to optimise internal processes, enables you to make critical decisions much quicker and supports overall business agility.

Minimise Business Risk & Increase Profit with Intelligent Invoice Data Extraction (20/10/2016)

In the 2nd part of our webinar series "Digital Transformation in Accounts Payable Processes" you will find out how intelligent and accurate invoice data extraction increases the processing rate in accounts payable and thus optimises the entire process. You will learn how to save time through our pre-configured invoice reader logic and maintain a better overview of all processed invoices with Business Monitoring.