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ENBANTEC Retail Banking Conference EMEA

ENBANTEC is a global and niche conference with its focus on retail banking technologies and solutions. ENBANTEC Conference presents a perfect platform for solution providers to introduce their solutions including platform, system, software, hardware, services and consultancy. ENBANTEC is one of the most attractive and important conferences in EMEA region on retail banking technologies and solutions. An intensive participation is expected to ENBANTEC 2021 Conference from many countries of the world. The only thing that the attendees need to attend to the virtual conference is their computers, phones or tablets with internet connection.

Don’t miss our session on June 2nd at 11:40 - 12:00 GMT+3 (Istanbul time) to learn how ABBYY’s digital intelligence platform expedites process automation with intelligent data capture and extraction.

Virtual event

Cooperative Banking Technology Forum

During this year's Cooperative Banking Technology Forum, we will be looking at the changes that took place in the technology area during the pandemic.

Join our session “The Key to Intelligent Customer Experience in Financial Services: Data-Driven Decisions That Don’t Compromise Privacy” on May 27 to learn:

- How to leverage a Digital Intelligence platform and best practices to improve customer experience

- How financial institutions can create a holistic customer experience—one that integrates customer contact experience across channels

- Strategies for incumbent financial institutions to embrace partnerships as more challengers enter the market.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Virtual event

OPEX Week Spring Live

Key themes for this year’s OPEX Week Spring  include: 1) Transformation at the time of crisis calls for a new kind of leadership that is able to connect better to their people, 2) Organizations need to prepare themselves and their workforce for a new digital ready operating model and to develop new digital capabilities and 3) Doing more with less is ever so important at the time of crisis with a redrawn timeline and portfolio of initiatives. This event will bring thought-leaders who are driving successful transformations to provide practical takeaways for the community attendees.  ABBYY is sponsoring this year’s event and invite you attend our session on Tuesday, May 25th at 12:30 pm EST entitled “Know the Facts: Make better decisions and improve process execution through Process Intelligence”

Virtual event

Digital Transformation for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Across industry, the last year has been one of disruption not seen since the industrial revolution. For the BFSI industry, this year of change may very well be unprecedented. First, the immediate requirement for digital tools with strong user experience (UX) to help achieve a streamlined customer experience (CX) upended the status quo. And second, the constant changes in local regulations, a now global opportunity for talent and the data security issues brought about by remote working, have identified several potential breaks in the chain that could lead to a disjointed customer journey. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies are leaning on the explosion of digital tools to help manage these challenges. This event brings these technological solutions and strategies to you. ABBYY is sponsoring this year’s event and invite you attend our session at 12:50 pm EST entitled “6 Crucial Issues Facing Financial Services and Insurance”

Virtual event

Blue Prism World 2021

ABBYY is pleased to participate yet again at this year’s conference as a Platinum sponsor and Partner Excellence Award Finalist. Join us virtually at Blue Prism World 2021 and catch our critical session to learn how the newest advanced technologies elevate automation efforts to new heights alongside Blue Prism. Our experts will be on hand to answer all your questions in our virtual room – find out more or schedule a 1:1 meeting with us here.

Virtual event

Digital Process Automation Live

Smart organizations know that their company’s competitive advantage today and in the future will come only by transforming their business from end to end, function by function and process by process. Digital Process Automation Live brings together industry thought leaders and senior executives to share key solutions on how to achieve this. ABBYY is sponsoring this year’s event and invite you attend our session on Tuesday, May 11 at 9:00 am EST entitled “You’ve Automated to Survive COVID-19, But What Now? Transforming the Messy Processes that Serve Users”

Virtual event

Big Tech in Finance

Transform Finance brings together senior leaders from the banking and insurance sectors to discuss the latest innovations and share insight on economic recovery, technological innovations, IoT, advanced data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, quantum and machine learning, while adapting to incoming regulations and disrupters.

ABBYY is sponsoring this year’s event and invite you attend our session on Wednesday, May 12 at 2:10 pm EST entitled Build Resilience to Respond to Evolving Risk Factors in Financial Services.

Virtual event

Business Process Automation Summit

Automation of business processes has been an extremely hot issue for several years. This is not surprising, because the benefits of it are very specific, easy to calculate and the implementations themselves can be painless and run very smoothly.

The fourth edition of the conference, like the previous ones, is addressed both to those who are considering or taking the first steps in implementing automation , but also to those who have already implemented solutions and are looking for ideas what to do next and how to better use the possibilities of robotization of processes.

During the conference, we will therefore talk about when it is worth considering the implementation of BPA solutions at all, which is particularly important both at the stage of analyzing your own systems and the solutions considered for implementation.

This year, for the first time, we will also take up the subject of robotics governance , as well as the dark side of BPA - formal, legal or licensing challenges related to the rapid growth of automated processes: architecture change, migration between systems of different vendors - these are important challenges that they must face companies as processes that were originally automated developed and evolved. Issues related to cybersecurity of BPA solutions and compliance will also be an important item on the agenda .

All this is traditionally based on case studies based on specific examples. No unnecessary theory.


Experience SSOW 2021 with us...

A brand new experience to connect with your SSON peers and partners!

For many organisations and business leaders, 2021 is set to be the year of recovery, pathfinding for the new normal and institutionalise the good practices we have learned on resilience and agility from the global pandemic crisis. More than ever, GBS needs to step up in so many different ways: leading back office integration, championing digital transformation, incubating innovation to fuel organisational transformation, whilst continue to find new ways of delivering value.

SSOW Europe 2021 will push the boundaries of innovation on event formats and look to tackle these urgent topics to continue driving and re-imagining the future of the GBS and Shared Services industry together with our community.

Join ABBYY and Siemens on the 5th May at 10:40CET  and find out how they took a modern approach to transforming their shared services in order to put user experience, citizen developers and globalization at the center of design, resulting in higher rates of straight-through processing, user adoption and scalability across a global organization. 

Virtual event

21st Banking Forum & 17th Insurance Forum

Banking Forum is a cyclical event attended by key personalities. The Congress brings together representatives of the banking sector and those who create conditions for the sector as well as solution providers and companies cooperating with banks. The event is a unique and prestigious platform for the exchange of views for the above-mentioned stakeholders. Its aim is to gather all key people who have an impact on the development of the banking sector, enable participants to better understand the changes taking place, as well as strengthen contacts and establish new relationships with potential partners.


Insurance Forum is more than an industry congress. This event is intended not only for insurers, but also for everyone interested in what is and will be happening in the financial services industry. It is a prestigious meeting of leaders, a place for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and discussions about the future of the market. It is an excellent opportunity for debates on the most important issues, problems, opportunities and challenges facing the insurance industry.


Join our session “Have You Ever Been Frustrated by The Amount of Time It Takes to Get Your Customers the Answers They Deserve?” on April,14 at 12:40 pm (CET) to learn how ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform enables real-time, actionable business awareness to identify bottlenecks and predict future outcomes.

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