Multilingual Communication Surveillance and Analysis at Société Générale


Veronikaaourarh 198X198

Véronika Aourarh

Cognitive Services Manager

Société Générale

The dramatic shift to remote working and virtual customer engagement is placing significant operational constraints on the financial services industry. As banks plan for the future, one thing is certain, the use of digital technologies will not return to pre-COVID volumes, both for businesses and consumers alike.

Financial institutions need Digital Intelligence to successfully streamline remote worker and client activity, process increased volumes of loan requests, find new ways to virtually verify authenticity, remain vigilant about compliance and security, all while dealing with potential staff shortages.

Watch this session from Véronika Aourarh, Cognitive Services Manager at Société Générale, to learn:

    • How Société Générale is leveraging Digital Intelligence to accurately capture, process and analyze data, in over 200 languages, while maintaining compliance
    • How ABBYY helps to decrease fraud risk and market abuse and advance the fight against cybercrime
    • How ABBYY’s highly scalable solution was easily integrated into Société Générale’s complex and high-risk ecosystem

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