What is DHL's vision around reimagining your business

In the face of business continuity disruptions, one thing is undeniable – users expect quick results, reliable services, and digital accessibility. Organisations that respond to those demands with agility to improve customer service levels and productivity, with a focus on digital transformation will undoubtedly find success.

In this video, Deutsche Post, DHL, shares how ABBYY Digital Intelligence modernised their shipping logistics and invoice processing operations for meeting the unprecedented challenges of our time to maximize efficiency, cash flow, and customer experience.

Watch now and…

      • …learn how DHL reduced transaction costs through standardised global processes.
      • …understand the value of achieving operational resilience by gaining an informed understanding of your operations.
      • …learn how to mitigate risks in RPA technology and accelerate DHL’s transformation journey.

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Timo Neff

Team Lead, Automation Designers & Architects Digitalization@GBS Program, Global Business Services, Deutsche Post