ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Sprint

Features 225 44X44

Scan and convert paper document

With ABBYY FineReader Sprint, you can easily turn your account statements, magazine articles or research papers into electronic format of your choice (Microsoft® Word, Excel, searchable PDF and others) without retyping.  All the information can be easily stored, searched or shared.

Features 103 44X44

Superior recognition accuracy

FineReader Sprint is based on the latest ABBYY recognition technology. Its sister product, award-winning FineReader Professional Edition, was rated 4.5 starts by PC Magazine and out beats competition with high accuracy and superior interface.

Features 112 44X44

Retain document structure and layout

The product is able to reproduce resulting document with original layout and format retained with true text flow and element attributes – no more retyping and reformatting. Columns, tables, images, header, footer, footnotes, text flow, font styles are accurately preserved.

Features 142 44X44

No learning curve

FineReader Sprint simplifies your conversion process. The product provides the most common conversion scenarios, such as “Scan to Microsoft Word” or “Scan to searchable PDF”, to let you get accurate results within fingertips.  This smart approach requires no learning curve.

Features 243 44X44

Conversion of photos

With FineReader Sprint you can easily capture and re-use texts from photos with just a few clicks. The program converts photos and transfers the text from the image to computer files which you can edit or save in popular electronic formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.

Features 253 44X44

Multi-language recognition with automatic language detection

FineReader Sprint supports 179* recognition languages.  The program also intelligently detects the languages used in the documents. No need for change settings prior to the scanning.

Features 147 44X44

Integration with Microsoft Office applications**

FineReader Sprint lets you send the results into Microsoft Word and Excel, or as an email attachment in Outlook. The product also lets you convert scanned document directly from within MS Office applications.

Features 232 44X44

Support of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007

FineReader Sprint is well-tested to work in the latest Microsoft Windows 7 environment.

Features 252 44X44

Bonus application - ABBYY Screenshot Reader

An instant on-screen capture tool lets you easily capture the information on the screen, save it as a file, attach in an email or turn into editable Word and Excel file.  It is ideal for capturing error message, screenshots, table or text in flash, etc.

* Please note, the number of recognition languages may vary depending on FineReader 9.0 Sprint version

** For Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 applications integration is supported only in 32-bit versions of Windows (see specifications)