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Relevez les défis d'aujourd'hui! Explorez des sujets d'actualité dans l'environnement commercial en mutation d'aujourd'hui : découverte et analyse de processus, amélioration de la main d’œuvre numérique, capture de données, IA, traitement automatique du langage naturel (NLP), apprentissage automatique, etc.

Avec des webinaires en anglais, français et allemand.

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Webinaires à venir

Webinar in English: Make Your Document Processes Smarter with Cognitive Skills

Discover how our latest no code intelligent document processing platform, ABBYY Vantage, is changing the approach to document automation and accessibility. Learn how to create trained document models (skills) in a matter of minutes, and how to get started today by accessing pre-trained document skills from the new ABBYY Marketplace. Because of how easy it is to use, you don't need to be a developer to get started.

ABBYY Expert Talk in German:
Optimize your processes with a Digital Twin

This webinar provides you with a clear understanding of how you can build and leverage a Digital Twin to improve your business.

Webinar in English: Transforming Operations to Drive Cost-Efficiency in Financial Services

Financial institutions are looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining their competitive advantage. Increasing competition, low interest rates and the corrosive effects of the coronavirus have culminated into a vicelike squeeze on already shrinking margins. To survive, banks must focus on taking a strategic approach to cost efficiency and effectiveness.
Digital Intelligence can help. It’s a simpler way to gain in-depth knowledge of how your processes work using all your data – including the unstructured data locked away in documents.

Register now for this webinar to learn how Digital Intelligence can enable financial institutions to reduce friction and simplify processes to serve customers in an easy and intuitive way, while creating opportunities for growth.