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Relevez les défis d'aujourd'hui! Explorez des sujets d'actualité dans l'environnement commercial en mutation d'aujourd'hui : découverte et analyse de processus, amélioration de la main d’œuvre numérique, capture de données, IA, traitement automatique du langage naturel (NLP), apprentissage automatique, etc.

Avec des webinaires en anglais, français et allemand.

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Comment utiliser les données pour la transformation de la Supply Chain ?

Rejoignez-nous le mardi 24 novembre à 10 heures pour un webinaire avec Pierre Enderlé, qui a occupé les postes de directeur général chez Heppner, DG de DHL Solutions France ou encore président du directoire du groupe STVA. Il partagera son point de vue sur comment l’interaction des processus et données permet d’optimiser votre Supply Chain.

Webinar in English: Integrate faster, more accurate data capture into your applications

Integrating FlexiCapture SDK into your applications, enables your end customers to process transactions faster, with fewer errors and make smarter process decisions. Join us November 12th to learn more and see live demos of FlexiCapture SDK.
Speaker: Larysa Lotoska

Webinar in English: Getting digital insurance right starts with content

Digital Transformation has changed not only how insurers focus on customer experience, but these changes have brought the problem of content – documents, messages, text – to the forefront of problems to tackle. But documents and unstructured content need to be handled differently than in the past. Today, content is no longer just data to be extracted by simple OCR technologies delivered by IT but rather as important information for underwriting policies, adjudicating claims and protecting against fraud and crime. It's important to understand that content provides insight and gives decision-making ability to scaling your knowledge workers and that they need new, more intelligent approaches to processing and gaining insight from it. AI with Machine Learning are capabilities that can enhance both customer experience and effective execution by helping to understand, gain insights and make decisions at the point in the process where it is needed. Getting digital right in insurance means understanding your content as living in customer experience and critical processes and using intelligent solutions enable its effectiveness as a core capability.

- Underwriting, claims and reinsurance processes run on documents containing both contextual information and data for making decisions
- Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way you understand and use content to make these processes work better
- Process Intelligence - discovering, analyzing, monitoring and alerting around processes - gets you to digitization faster than simply investing into automation

Reggie Twigg, Director, Product Marketing, ABBYY

ABBYY Expert Talk in English
The New Realities of Supply Chain Risks in a Post COVID Economic Climate

The first wave of digital disruption enabled brands to sell directly to online consumers — and even allowed manufacturers to engage directly with industrial customers. But many existing supply chains lack transparency and resilience and have proved brittle in the face of increasing customer expectations, disruptions, and new levels of trade uncertainty.

Watch this webinar to learn:

• How European companies digitize manual and paper-intensive processes to accelerate and scale their response to fluctuations in demand and supply.

• What challenges are associated with gaining visibility into supply chain exposures.

• Insights into Forrester’s latest research on European companies’ plans to reconfigure supply chains for greater responsiveness and resilience in the face of global supply chain disruptions.

Webinar in English: Integrate faster and more accurate data capture into your applications

Integrating FlexiCapture SDK into your applications, enables your end customers to process transactions faster, with fewer errors and make smarter process decisions. Join us October 26th to learn more and see live demos of FlexiCapture SDK.
Speaker: Larysa Lotoska

ABBYY Expert Talk in English
The Smart Path to Process Automation Today: Connecting People, Processes and Data

Join Prof. Dr. ir. Wil van der Aalst and ABBYY Chief Marketing Officer Scott Opitz to gain a clear understanding of how continuous advances in process mining are helping accelerate the digital transformation journey with greater insight and agility.

Webinar in English: Transforming insurance operations for the digital customer

Watch the panel discussion with Yanna Winter from Generali, Arvinder Mudhar from Unum UK and Reggie Twigg from ABBYY to discover how to successfully transform insurance operations for the digital customer, by mapping and analysing your processes in real-time with process intelligence to drive fact-based decisions aligned with your customers’ needs.

Webinar in English: Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation continues to transform the supply chain and logistics industry. From forecasting and inventory refill to visibility and end-to-end traceability, including transport; today's warehouse solutions are designed to improve ways companies track and trace product. But, how else do these solutions optimize the warehouse? Discover how warehouse automation helps boost companies to the next level.


- Reginald J. Twigg, Ph.D. – ABBYY: Director of Product Marketing, Digital Enterprise
- Doug MeffordGenerix: North America, Product Marketing Manager
- Jagan ReddyBlueYonder: Strategic Advisor
- Matt Rivenbark - SSI Schaefer: Executive Sales Manager – North America

ABBYY Expert Talk in German
Intelligent Automation for Insurances

In this practice-based webinar in cooperation with insinno we will show you how robots, artificial intelligence, low code and cloud solutions have revolutionized the internal processes of AGILA pet insurance. Within 3 months they were able to automate 25% of their invoice and fax processing.

ABBYY Expert Talk in German
How Insurances Can Transform Their Processes with AI

In this exclusive virtual Insurance Executive Session in cooperation with alternus you will learn how insurances can transform their processes with AI – automated and compliant with legal regulations.

Apart from presentations on Content Intelligence we’ll present a case study with Deutsche Familienversicherung (German Family Insurance) and explain how they became a pioneer in digital transformation.

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