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Relevez les défis d'aujourd'hui! Explorez des sujets d'actualité dans l'environnement commercial en mutation d'aujourd'hui : découverte et analyse de processus, amélioration de la main d’œuvre numérique, capture de données, IA, traitement automatique du langage naturel (NLP), apprentissage automatique, etc.

Avec des webinaires en anglais, français et allemand.

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Webinaires passés

Webinar in English: Digitisation: How can insurers and brokers optimise processes for business gains?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need and appetite of both insurers and brokers to embrace digitisation and review their business practices in order to better align with today’s ‘new normal’, where digital services and a seamless online experience are considered essential by consumers and insurance staff alike.

In this webinar, sponsored by ABBYY, Insurance Times and a leading panel of industry experts from Sønr, Kingfisher, and Zurich Insurance will explore how insurers and brokers need to uncover the nuts and bolts of their back office processes and functionality in order to digitally optimise and improve current practices and flows of work.

Virtual event

Webinar in English: Process Mining: What is it? How can it help me? How to start?

Process mining is described as "data science in action.” In the global services environment it promises to be the next big thing in digital transformation, the more so as we emerge from COVID with our teams variously located in the office or working from home.

To shed light on this important topic, ASPIRE has teamed up with member Philip Morris International and Associate members ABBYY & AutoID Polska S.A., ABBYY Country Partner in Poland.

During 75 minutes of mixed presentation and discussion we aim to provide a short, sharp introduction to process mining. Drawing on real-world examples we will investigate the potential for process mining to support the control and design of operational business processes:

- Real-world, real-time bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your process

- Best ways for you to reduce costs

- Process improvement KPIs

- Best candidates for automation

The session will also include an investigation of an Accounts Payable process, using a live demo of Timeline, ABBYY’s process mining tool, and drawing on your questions to the tool.

Virtual event

La Process Intelligence pour accroître les bénéfices de FlexiCapture

ABBYY Timeline pour FlexiCapture permet aux utilisateurs de découvrir et de comprendre rapidement comment les processus centrés sur le contenu fonctionnent. Ce webinaire vous propose une démonstration de Timeline pour FlexiCapture, explorant ses avantages pour les domaines de la finance et de la comptabilité, de l'assurance, de la santé et d'autres secteurs / cas d'utilisation.

Webinar in English: How Digital Intelligence Drives Compliance Resiliency

As financial services leaders plan for the second half of 2021 and beyond, one thing is certain, that the use of digital technologies is not going to return to pre-COVID use, for businesses and consumers alike. Financial institutions need digital intelligence to successfully streamline remote worker and client activity, quickly adapt when compliance requirements change, find new ways to virtually verify authenticity, remain vigilant about compliance and security, all while dealing with potential staff shortages. Join us for this fireside chat mini-webinar to discover the ways that automation technology including AI, RPA, and NLP can help financial institutions reset and reimagine their business in 2021.

Virtual event

Webinaire avec la Tribune de l’assurance – Innover par le digital : quels sont les impacts des nouvelles technologies sur le secteur de l’assurance ?

Performance technologique, optimisation des process, amélioration de l’expérience client, etc. le numérique représente indéniablement un levier de modernisation de l’offre assurantielle. Dans quelle mesure la transformation numérique a-t-elle modifié les règles du jeu dans le domaine de l’assurance ? Comment la « digital intelligence » permet-elle de transformer les processus d’assurance ? Quelles solutions Digital & Smart Analytics pour le secteur de l’assurance ? Comment mieux aider les assureurs à identifier les meilleures possibilités d’automatisation afin d’être plus compétitifs notamment en termes d’expérience clients ?

PEX Process Mining Live

Join us 9 - 11 March 2021 for the world's leading Process Mining online event hosted by the industry icon Wil van der Aalst. As a Lead Sponsor, ABBYY will be presenting on March 9 at 10:00 am EST in a session entitled “A Practical Guide to Process Intelligence" that features ABBYY customer TriNet sharing lessons learned in their process mining journey, along with ABBYY CMO, Scott Opitz.

Virtual event

ABBYY Expert Talk in German - Why Process Holds the Key to Unlocking Great Customer Experience

For a long time, Business Process Management and Optimization was seen as an exercise that could positively influence the customer journey in only a few cases. Despite process optimization methods, like Six-Sigma promising breakthroughs later on, many short-term successes couldn’t be tracked or expanded.

In this webinar with Bernhard Schaffrik, Principal Analyst at Forrester, we will explore the various reasons for project failures and will show how to achieve breakthroughs for Customer Excellence and process optimization using process mining as a key component.

Webinaire avec L’Argus de l’assurance - L’assurance de demain : la donnée au cœur de la transformation ?

La maitrise de la donnée est un enjeu stratégique aujourd’hui en assurance. Ce webinaire nous donnera l’occasion de discuter le rôle que l’analyse des données ainsi que la digitalisation des processus jouent pour la transformation numérique du secteur de l’assurance.

ABBYY Expert Talk – Process Intelligence : comment la data permet-elle une amélioration de la performance ?

Rejoignez-nous pour notre prochain ABBYY Expert Talk lors duquel nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Monsieur ArnaudFoujols, VP Performance, Digital Transformation and Data chez Monoprix. Il partagera sa vision et son retour d'expérience sur comment l'utilisation optimale des données améliore la performance.

ABBYY Expert Talk – Table ronde : La crise, un accélérateur de la transformation de la relation bancaire

Inscrivez-vous à notre table ronde virtuelle afin de rencontrer différents experts du secteur banque qui partageront leur avis sur en quoi la data, l’IA et les nouvelles technologies sont des pivots essentiels de la stratégie des entreprises.

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