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Webinar in English: Transforming Your Mobile Experiences

A smooth and seamless onboarding experience is essential for customer acquisition and loyalty. Connecting intuitive touchpoints with AI-enabled back-end processes creates a best-in-class experience across the entire onboarding journey, resulting in higher customer retention while increasing profitability.

Webinar in English: Integrate AI powered data capture capabilities into your applications

In our webinar, learn how you can smoothly integrate ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK to empower your applications with industry leading data capture technologies. See how FlexiCapture SDK can save you development time and resources, while helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Webinar in English: Introduction of different implementation scenarios in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Learn more about the most common scenarios in which ABBYY FineReader Engine may be used, and their specifics. Discover how to use predefined profiles to save development time and optimize the individual parameters for optimal results. Learn how to select the right scenario for your project, optimize your code for specific tasks, and implement common document conversion scenarios.

Webinar in English: How Rapid Automation Can Help Streamline SBA PPP Loan Applications & Forgiveness

As the number of applicants seeking relief through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act grows at an extraordinary rate, lenders are struggling to keep up. Overwhelmed with collecting and validating documents, determining eligibility criteria, and processing requests, lenders face backlogged applications and their customers experience slow response times. ABBYY, in partnership with Blue Prism, Bizagi, and Lateetud automates the entire end-to-end mortgage and loan relief application and submission process. Register for this webinar to see how rapid automation helps you streamline loan applications and forgiveness at your organization.

Maximizing the Value of RPA with Process Mining & Optimization

To truly succeed at implementing RPA, business and IT leaders must tackle the challenges about process discovery. With the right process intelligence platform organizations can select the right processes for automation, map them correctly, and tap into new business opportunities.

Speakers: Paul Buonopane, ABBYY & Renat Zalov, ABBYY

Improve your Microsoft SharePoint Experience

Half a million organizations worldwide use Microsoft SharePoint and highly appreciate it for many different reasons. However, is it working ideally? Join our webinar to explore practical tips on improving your SharePoint experience and see a live demo from our experts.

Speaker: Scott Chau, ABBYY

Webinar in English: Process Insights, Compliance and Control for Pharma

Find out how your organization can lead the way and transform the pharmaceutical industry by doing something different. Attend this webinar to learn how Process Intelligence can help you to easily discover, understand, and manage your process execution more effectively at only a fraction of time and costs as you are right now.

English Webinar : Transform onboarding experiences – Strengthen customer loyalty with connected mobile touchpoints

Discover how connecting intuitive mobile touchpoints with cloud-based, AI-enabled back-end processes can create a personalized and valuable customer experience.

English Webinar: How to work with images in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Learn more about the important role of image pre-processing in the OCR process. Receive an overview of the different tools and parameters ABBYY FineReader Engine offers to reach optimal recognition results – even on images with very low quality. See how to quickly adjust and use the provided code sample to create a test applications with different settings.

French webinar: Comment permettre à vos clients d’améliorer leurs processus métier et d’augmenter leur ROI

Nowadays your customers' processes are becoming more and more complex, with an increasingly uncontrolled management. This risks the loss of information and causes a loss of business revenue.

In order to respond to this problem, ABBYY Process Intelligence makes it possible to understand and adjust the overall processes of companies, to implement the RPA process and others in an efficient manner as well as to guarantee their compliance.

This webinar will show you how you can better orchestrate your customers' processes using our ABBYY Timeline solution.

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