ABBYY Lingvo Mobile Dictionaries

With the new dictionary API, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries can now be integrated into other applications for Android to enhance them with powerful word translation function and advanced dictionary support. This way, integrated with a reading application, Lingvo Dictionaries allow users to read books and documents in multiple languages much easier by providing the ability to translate words directly from the text, without leaving the application*.

What should I do to start developing?

Step 1. Learn more about how it works ›

Step 2. Get registered to access the API ›

Step 3. Download file libraries and documentation

Step 4. Start developing - add dictionary support to your apps

Step 5. And please don’t forget to tell us about your achievements  at

Best integration projects

The most remarkable integration projects involving ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries:

  1. Moon+ Reader by Flyersoft – one of the most popular reading applications for Android ›
  2. Moon+ Reader Pro - an advanced version of Moon+ Reader ›

*To support this functionality, the ABBYY Lingvo, its dictionary databases and your own application for Android should all be installed on the same device.

Get registered to access the API ›