ABBYY Mobile Capture

Mobile document capture and on-device text recognition.

Create smooth customer self-service experiences.

Features & Benefits

The software development kit powers your mobile apps with flexible methods of automatic mobile data capture with highly accurate real-time text recognition on device or by taking a picture for further back-end processing.

ABBYY Mobile Capture can power your applications

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Point and capture

Automatically captures the best-quality image suitable for further back-end processing.

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Automatic document detection

Automatically detects boundaries, crops the document, and corrects its perspective.

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On-device OCR

Automatically recognizes text, either from a static image or from the camera preview screen, when the user simply points the camera at the document or object.

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Ready UI components

Set of SDK components that provide ability to use Image, Text and Data capture scenarios, draw image capture user interface, and extract the image capture results using just several lines of code.

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Customizable data capture

Extracts any specific data from a document or text on an object by setting a regular expression describing the required content such as Social Security Numbers or VINs.

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Ready-to-use business card reading

Allows automatic extraction of contact data from business cards by simply pointing the camera on the card, to use within a mobile CRM or lead management app, or for customer onboarding.

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Image export

Provides flexibility to choose between different image export formats (PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG) and compression levels for further back-end processing.

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Multi-language OCR

Provides text recognition in 63 languages to support your global applications.

Features 190 44X44

Cross-platform development

Integrate image and data capture into cross-platform applications using the plugin for Cordova, React Native, or Xamarin.

Mobile Capture vs. Mobile Web Capture - Feature Comparison

Capacity Mobile Capture Mobile Web Capture
Automatic Image Capture + +
Image Crop + +
Image Export JPEG, PNG, PDF, WebP JPEG
Full Text OCR + -
BCR + -
Custom Data Capture + -

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