ABBYY FineReader Engine ABBYY FineReader Engine

The most comprehensive OCR SDK for software developers

Integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications.


Whether you are a software vendor, system integrator or an enterprise company developing your own IT systems, ABBYY OCR SDK will help you create highly accurate text and data processing applications.

See how you can benefit from integrating ABBYY FineReader Engine into your applications.


Enhance functionality of your software and increase its value

With ABBYY OCR, your application can convert paper, TIFF and JPEG files into searchable PDF and PDF/A, and extract data or text from photos or screenshots. Adding new functions increases the value of your systems – and allows your customers to be more efficient.


Impress your customers with highest OCR accuracy

Save your customers time by offering OCR systems that extract text with the highest accuracy - the minimal need for corrections will impress them. Leading software providers and hardware manufacturers use ABBYY’s premium OCR technology in their products.


Accelerate your time to market

Integrating the ABBYY OCR toolkit and leveraging its well-documented APIs, code samples, optimized processing profiles, UI components and ABBYY technical experts shortens development time - allowing you to get your software to market faster.


Offer applications for international markets

With the availability of numerous OCR and ICR languages, which can be used in any combination, your software becomes a perfect fit for customers processing multilingual documents or global organizations operating on international markets.


Build versatile software for many platforms

Create desktop or server applications for Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy them in the Cloud or on Virtual Machines. The diverse OCR features can add value to applications within many areas, such as DMS, ERP, RPA, insurance, banking, healthcare, legal and machine vision.

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