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American Banker: BankThink C-Suite Executives’ Tunnel Vision Is Damaging Their Businesses

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Are your C-suite and your managers on the same page when it comes to technology innovation in banking?

A recent survey of banking executives showed a huge disconnect between the C-suite and managers on their perceptions of the organization’s digital readiness. This apparent breakdown between the two groups is causing a number of downstream concerns:

  • Unevenly distributed access to sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence and low-code / no-code applications
  • Confusion regarding the ownership of automation projects and technology upgrades
  • A growing load of technical debt and lost opportunities due to abandonment of DX projects

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What can financial services institutions do to bridge the gap? In this article, Cheryl Chiodi of ABBYY talks to American Banker about a number of strategies and recommendations that banks and FIs can take to move forward with both urgency and discipline.

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