Quick Q&A on Intelligent Document Processing

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Cheryl Chiodi

Director, Solution Marketing, Financial Services, ABBYY

How financial institutions can overcome their content and process challenges

Data—whether digital or analog, identity, behavioral, transaction—all data helps financial institutions protect themselves from fraud and offer more personalized products and services to their customers.

Don’t let your valuable data get away. Whether from emails, SMS, or social media posts, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can help you capture vital insights.

Learn how your business can benefit from IDP in this Quick Q&A from BAI

Cheryl Chiodi from ABBYY shares her insights on these questions:

  • How much of a financial institution’s data is trapped in unstructured formats? This includes items like email, contracts, social media posts, PDFs, and images.
  • What’s the problem with keeping data stored on paper documents?
  • Personalization is banking’s Holy Grail. But what’s keeping the industry from achieving its quest?
  • How can IDP help risk officers meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements designed to ensure the accuracy of customer accounts?
  • What role does AI play in Content Intelligence?

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