State of Digital Banking, 2022


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Forrester: State of Digital Banking, 2022

Digital channels and digital payment methods have experienced rapid adoption, and this pandemic-driven shift isn’t dissipating. This Forrester research report examines the ways that customer expectations are reshaping financial services and how banks must respond quickly to compete and win.

This report includes insights on

  • How the competitive landscape has transformed with nimble new players offering faster, better, and cheaper services
  • How the momentum of environmental and social responsibility is shaping the next wave of products and services
  • How those who remain “stuck” in the planning stages of digital transformation in banking will be left behind

Forrester, The State of Digital Banking, 2022: Aurélie L'Hostis with Oliwia Berdak, Zhi-Ying Barry, Luis Deya, Carine Lam, Sam Bartlett, February 9, 2022

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