Simplify, Digitize, and Scale

TIN Digital Intelligence industry report

A practical approach toward the “nirvana” of digital enablement, automation, and optimization

TIN Digital Intelligence Industry Report

Today’s technology makes it possible for insurers to access key data that helps them identify the stages of their quote-to-issue processes where efficiencies can be achieved. This sort of “Digital Intelligence” offers insurers a roadmap to automation excellence by employing process analysis to highlight the greatest points of friction in customer experience.

But many insurers struggle with knowing where to start their automation journeys. Or, if they’ve already started, they struggle with understanding how to scale. The Insurance Network, in collaboration with ABBYY, analyzed insurance industry survey data, research, and interviews with companies like Swiss Re and Zurich Insurance to create a framework for digitizing insurance processes in a way that addresses both the digitization of the process steps and the automation of the entire process. The methodology is summarized in three stages: simplify, digitize, and then scale.

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Take a practical approach toward implementation of automation and process optimization using Digital Intelligence. This report provides expert guidance on achieving the kind of fast, simple, and responsive experience that the modern insurance customer expects.

This report is based on our industry survey, research, and interviews with:

  • Enrico Alessandri, Systems & Processes Expert, Swiss Re
  • Jason Cripps, Global Head Operational Excellence and Automation, Zurich Insurance
  • Eileen Potter, Solution Marketing Manager, Insurance, ABBYY

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