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Digital Document Processing Crucial in Tech Revolution

Digital Document Processing Crucial in Logistics Tech Revolution

Logistics companies reveal their challenges, and plans to improve, document handling

The logistics industry, typically known for its aversion to change, is in now in the middle of a veritable technological revolution. COVID-induced supply chain shortages accelerated its adoption of automation technologies, and the industry has been moving toward a high-tech, interconnected future at full speed ever since.

This newfound appreciation of technology has impacted every aspect of the logistics space. In particular, it has affected the way companies handle and process documents. Manual document handling has consumed too much time and money for far too long, and companies are now finally freeing their employees of this rote work with automation technology.

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FreightWaves teamed up with ABBYY to survey companies across the industry about their current and future approaches to document processing. Download this report of the survey to learn about:

  • Which document-centric business processes are causing problems
  • How COVID has changed the way they do business
  • Current and future plans to automate document processing

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