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Advanced Content Intelligence - Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI Powered Advanced Content Intelligence

Accelerating digital transformation with ABBYY Content Intelligence

Insight into advanced Content Intelligence and the power of AI technologies.

As AI is maturing, more productized solutions are emerging in the market. One of the key categories of such “packaged” solutions emerging within AI is Advanced Content Intelligence (ACI). This paper provides an understanding of ACI and how it blends the power of these AI technologies to build a smart digital workforce.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Evolution of AI technologies and introduction to ACI
  • ACI solution capabilities and how it compares with traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions and traditional Content Intelligence (CI) solutions
  • Unlocking business benefits through ACI and impact of ACI to fuel cognitive automation
  • Key factors to consider for enterprises to successfully adopt ACI technology

Download the white paper today and learn about the power of advanced Content Intelligence enable enterprises to build a smart digital workforce.

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